Yoshi (extras) (14)

(a time around April 2008)

Yossi hoped the floor hadn’t creaked. Actually it didn’t, but she thought it did. So as gingerly as she could, she crept up toward the sexy figure, who was too engrossed in the mechanism in front of her to be noticing what was actually happening behind her. And when Yossi reached just standing behind her target, she slipped her arms around and planted a kiss on the nape of the neck.

Rika looked up momentarily before she moved her eyes away again. Although Yossi had wanted it to be a surprise, judging from the look on Rika just now, she knew Rika wasn’t the bit is.

“Why are you out here?” Rika asked as she relaxed back against her comfortable backdrop.

Quickly remembering Rika’s earlier order to be left alone, Yossi found herself suddenly stammering. “I… I wasn’t s..spying on you, really… but…” she tried to compose herself and found she was taking on a skeptical tone. “Just what are you doing?”

“I…” Rika hesitated. Her eyes wandered across the buttoned panel below her before she looked back at the face snuggled close to hers and smiled.

Yossi couldn’t resist the urge to kiss the puffed up cheek. “Do you know you’ve been standing here for like ten minutes already and doing nothing?” She said. Although her tone had sounded cheeky, it was nevertheless, worried.

“Is it? I…” Rika mumbled while she continued to eye the panel wearily. With Yossi’s lips now working its way down the neck and up onto the back of her ear, Rika raised her shoulder to nudge at Yossi’s chin that was resting on it. “Stop it, please,” she insisted. As much as she liked the touches, there were more pressing issues at hand now.

Yossi buried her head resignedly into the crook of the neck and blew out a sigh. “All right, all right, what’s wrong?” she asked after raising her head.

Rika didn’t answer immediately. Instead she allowed her fingers to hover over the panel and after a final tap, she said. “I don’t know how to operate this!”

“What !?!”

The moment Yossi grasped what was being said, she began to laugh loudly, really loudly. Rika thinned her eyes. She loosened the grip around her waist, stepped aside and stared. “Now, DO you have an issue here?”

Yossi zipped up almost instantly. “No,” she said in a mock serious tone and shook her head. And when she looked up at the white ceiling, she couldn’t but notice an ant taking a stroll across it.

“Is it THAT funny when a person can’t operate the washing machine?” Rika spoke in a tone that demanded Yossi to look at her.

“No, of course not, but…”

“What ?!?” Rika’s pitch rose a notch higher.

“Err… I just thought the instructions are written at the side?” Yossi pointed innocently to a piece of sticker stuck to the top right most corner of the washing machine.

Rika crossed her arms across her chest and continued to glare at Yossi. “Yes I know. I can read. It SAYS put the clothes in, select the program and press start. But just WHICH button is WHICH?”

Yossi looked at the panel before her and strained her eyes. She wasn’t wearing her contacts and after a moment of reading, she realized Rika seemed to be right as there were at least ten buttons just under the word ‘program’.

“Ah~ I don’t care.” Rika moved aside and gently pushed Yossi toward the machine. “You do it. It’s mostly your clothes anyway.”

Yossi took another look at the complex panel before letting out an unexpected laugh. With an unapologetic grin still on, she turned to Rika and waved dismissively. “You know my mother never allowed me to do this back at home.”

“SO?’ Rika said defiantly, because Yossi seemed to have forgotten the fact that her mother wouldn’t have allowed her to do it too. And Yossi should have known better. The older lady would drop by every weekend to help with the washing and drying so that Rika never have to bother with it, until now of course, just because somebody else’s dirty garments were piling up.

“So? It just means,” Yossi said, feeling the need to explain even though Rika wasn’t asking for one. “Like you, I can’t operate this thing.”

“Aha~ and who’s laughing just now?” Rika said acerbically.

Yossi knew exactly what that look on Rika means. She took a back step until she’s safely out of reach before she turned and fled back into the house. “I’ll go get that fellow back for you~”

Normally Rika would have given chase and make sure Yossi met her ‘doom’ on the living room’s sofa but this time, she stayed put. She had no time and no mood for games. It had kind of bothered her that she couldn’t even do a simple housework. And what a lousy girlfriend she was? But she was determined at the same time...

If she had even learned to cook...

She walked to the kitchen’s wall and picked up the handset. Help was just a few buttons away…

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