If... (02)

I gave the surroundings a quick look. The feeling familiar yet strange. I couldn’t put a word to it; perhaps you could if you were me. But, let me try. I was in a room. It was a simple room. Not many furnishings. There was a desk, a chair, a wardrobe and a bed, which I was lying on. My eyes became drawn to the turning blades of a fan on the ceiling. Watching it turn lazily, I tried to remember what I was doing here…

Pain. A pain that came and went quickly. Nevertheless, it was a pain excruciating enough to make me feel alarmed. A pain that I would later grow to hate and yet feel deeply attached to.


I turned to the gasp. The figure quickly disappeared behind the door, leaving the door ajar. But I managed to have a glimpse of the lady. She’s not very tall, petite and has long black hair. I didn’t see her face. I got up, stumbled and fell. My legs felt numb, my knees cold against the wooden board. I felt weak. And thirsty. And hungry. Oh God, I wonder to myself. How long had I gone without food? Looking back at the bed, I wonder too. How long had I been sleeping?

I got up again. Steadying my stance, I took a careful step forward. No problem. Then another step. Then I saw a figure appear at the door.

“Oh, you’re awake!”

A lady. She was another lady. I was sure she’s not the one before. “Ah… yes,” I finally said. She smiled. I smiled back.

“We’re having dinner soon, please come join us.”


If... (01)

It all happened very long ago. Still l remember it clearly. I hadn’t before. But not now. Now, they are back, all back; everything clear and etched on the back of my mind. And whenever I close my eyes now, I would remember, dreadly remember… how I had opened my eyes… (more...)