Yoshi (extras) (14)

(a time around April 2008)

Yossi hoped the floor hadn’t creaked. Actually it didn’t, but she thought it did. So as gingerly as she could, she crept up toward the sexy figure, who was too engrossed in the mechanism in front of her to be noticing what was actually happening behind her. And when Yossi reached just standing behind her target, she slipped her arms around and planted a kiss on the nape of the neck.

Rika looked up momentarily before she moved her eyes away again. Although Yossi had wanted it to be a surprise, judging from the look on Rika just now, she knew Rika wasn’t the bit is.

“Why are you out here?” Rika asked as she relaxed back against her comfortable backdrop.

Quickly remembering Rika’s earlier order to be left alone, Yossi found herself suddenly stammering. “I… I wasn’t s..spying on you, really… but…” she tried to compose herself and found she was taking on a skeptical tone. “Just what are you doing?”

“I…” Rika hesitated. Her eyes wandered across the buttoned panel below her before she looked back at the face snuggled close to hers and smiled.

Yossi couldn’t resist the urge to kiss the puffed up cheek. “Do you know you’ve been standing here for like ten minutes already and doing nothing?” She said. Although her tone had sounded cheeky, it was nevertheless, worried.

“Is it? I…” Rika mumbled while she continued to eye the panel wearily. With Yossi’s lips now working its way down the neck and up onto the back of her ear, Rika raised her shoulder to nudge at Yossi’s chin that was resting on it. “Stop it, please,” she insisted. As much as she liked the touches, there were more pressing issues at hand now.

Yossi buried her head resignedly into the crook of the neck and blew out a sigh. “All right, all right, what’s wrong?” she asked after raising her head.

Rika didn’t answer immediately. Instead she allowed her fingers to hover over the panel and after a final tap, she said. “I don’t know how to operate this!”

“What !?!”

The moment Yossi grasped what was being said, she began to laugh loudly, really loudly. Rika thinned her eyes. She loosened the grip around her waist, stepped aside and stared. “Now, DO you have an issue here?”

Yossi zipped up almost instantly. “No,” she said in a mock serious tone and shook her head. And when she looked up at the white ceiling, she couldn’t but notice an ant taking a stroll across it.

“Is it THAT funny when a person can’t operate the washing machine?” Rika spoke in a tone that demanded Yossi to look at her.

“No, of course not, but…”

“What ?!?” Rika’s pitch rose a notch higher.

“Err… I just thought the instructions are written at the side?” Yossi pointed innocently to a piece of sticker stuck to the top right most corner of the washing machine.

Rika crossed her arms across her chest and continued to glare at Yossi. “Yes I know. I can read. It SAYS put the clothes in, select the program and press start. But just WHICH button is WHICH?”

Yossi looked at the panel before her and strained her eyes. She wasn’t wearing her contacts and after a moment of reading, she realized Rika seemed to be right as there were at least ten buttons just under the word ‘program’.

“Ah~ I don’t care.” Rika moved aside and gently pushed Yossi toward the machine. “You do it. It’s mostly your clothes anyway.”

Yossi took another look at the complex panel before letting out an unexpected laugh. With an unapologetic grin still on, she turned to Rika and waved dismissively. “You know my mother never allowed me to do this back at home.”

“SO?’ Rika said defiantly, because Yossi seemed to have forgotten the fact that her mother wouldn’t have allowed her to do it too. And Yossi should have known better. The older lady would drop by every weekend to help with the washing and drying so that Rika never have to bother with it, until now of course, just because somebody else’s dirty garments were piling up.

“So? It just means,” Yossi said, feeling the need to explain even though Rika wasn’t asking for one. “Like you, I can’t operate this thing.”

“Aha~ and who’s laughing just now?” Rika said acerbically.

Yossi knew exactly what that look on Rika means. She took a back step until she’s safely out of reach before she turned and fled back into the house. “I’ll go get that fellow back for you~”

Normally Rika would have given chase and make sure Yossi met her ‘doom’ on the living room’s sofa but this time, she stayed put. She had no time and no mood for games. It had kind of bothered her that she couldn’t even do a simple housework. And what a lousy girlfriend she was? But she was determined at the same time...

If she had even learned to cook...

She walked to the kitchen’s wall and picked up the handset. Help was just a few buttons away…

Yoshi (extras) (12)

(8th Dec 2007: In a certain training camp.)

Yossi hated ‘gasshuku’ time. It was the time when she found herself boarded up with tens other members in a relatively stupid camp and though blessed with all the basic necessities and facilities, it was still a stupid place to be in. She really hated it. Not for the rigid schedule, the tough training, the mass bunking nor the dalliance after the day. She hated it because even though they were sleeping together, they were sleeping together with five other people.

With unnecessary furniture moved to one side and futons laid, they sat around in a circle, campfire-like. Although they all had a tired day, it seemed other than herself, no one had shown any signs of languor nor needs to retire early. Everyone, including the perpetually shy Koretty, seemed to be enjoying the idle talk that was like going on for hours…

Suddenly, Shibata stood up and walked toward the door. Just when everybody was wondering what she was doing, she turned a knob on the switch just beside the door and had the lights dimmed. As the room turned almost dark now, Yossi found herself smiling again. Even Shibachan had thought it was time for bed. But how wrong she was…

“This should set the mood,” Shibata joked.

It made Yossi more peeved. She didn’t need any mood-setting for things she couldn’t put into action. She remained silent while her eyes fleeted from silhouette to silhouette, the same way conversation was passed around the room. And all the time, she realized she couldn’t bear to look at the girl seated just to her right. It would only remind her that they weren’t really going to do anything else for the night. And she felt cold…

“Now, who opened the darned windows?” Miki suddenly barked.

If Miki hadn’t spoken, Yossi would have thought it was only her feeling cold in her heart.

“Sorry!” Konno sprung up from the futon and rushed to close the sliding windows. “It was warm just now.”

As Konno resettled herself, Yossi thought she just found an opportunity. She stood up, got to the stacks of woolen quilts behind her, grabbed some and passed them around. After everyone had received it with gratitude, Yossi got back to her spot, got behind Rika and sat herself down with Rika just in front, between her legs. Then she covered them with the thick blanket. After she locked her arms around Rika’s waist, she knew her mission was accomplished.

As if knowing what was happening under the blanket, five pairs of eyes began to roll.

“A good thing the kids aren’t around to see this,” Satoda was heard saying.

“Why worry, it’s too dark to see anything anyway,” Miki said sarcastically.

“What? You mean the kids don’t know yet?” Koretty asked.

“Because they’re dense, just like you,” Miki retorted.

Laughter broke out. Everyone was reminded of the shock on Korenaga’s face back when she had heard for the first time, with her virgin ears, that her captain and Rika were actually a couple.

But Yossi didn’t quite like what she heard. “So what if they knew? It’s not like we’re having an illicit affair,” she protested and snuggled her face real close to Rika’s. When Rika returned the gesture lovingly, Koretty screamed mockingly. “Ah~ my virgin eyes!”

More raucous laughter followed. Everyone seemed to be surprised at their best player’s anomaly new found humor, not that they minded it though. Yossi wanted to protest again. However when she felt Rika tugged at her arm, she understood it as a cue to let the matter rest and remained quiet, though almost unwillingly.

Satoda saw it and quipped. “Sometimes I wonder what Rika-chan fed her with.”

JUICES, what else?” Miki said nonchalantly.

Seemingly to have understood what Miki was driving at, Shibata broke out yet again into laughter. Slowly, one by one, as the girls started to comprehend, they began to jeer and make cat calls at the loving couple in front of them. And funny though, instead of getting offended, Yossi found she was somehow getting amused and a little something started to stir inside her. Like her hands suddenly had a mind of their own, they moved and rested on the inner thighs of Rika’s and that’s when she heard a quiet gasp.

As other girls continued with their gossips, Yossi realized she wasn’t feeling that bored anymore. Not when she had Rika secured in her arms. Her teammates could entertain themselves with their prating while she would find ways to entertain herself… and her.

Just the thought alone was killing her. She knew she was clearly getting aroused and the heat emanating from her girlfriend’s body seemed to be sending out the same signal. But wanting to be sure, Yossi trailed her finger playfully along the band of the track pants when she heard Rika whispered very softly, “Not now.”

Rika should have known better; pleas of any kind would only serve to make Yossi more determined. Yossi slipped her right hand inside the pants and headed straight for Rika’s groin. With the cotton fabric still in the way, she cupped the womanly mould and massaged gently. Although she felt Rika’s hands quickly unto hers, holding her back. A few titillating rubs later, Rika’s tensed body had relaxed and lain back against hers. She knew consent was given.

As Yossi continued to caress Rika down there, her other hand had gone under Rika’s bra and was already working hard on a pair of tits and some very hardened nipples. The conversation around her became incoherent and vague. All she could hear was herself breathing hard down Rika’s neck and maybe a little moaning here and there from Rika. Since both of them were unusually quiet now, Yossi wondered if her teammates had any idea what Rika and she were doing, or rather, what she was doing to Rika, but then again, the thought that they knew, further excited her.

As Rika’s body got weaker and weaker, Yossi knew every rubs and teases were working well. As soon as she felt the dampness seeping through from the last piece of defense, she too, became very turned on and her own groin started to ache badly. She moved her hands away onto Rika’s thighs. Securing a good grip, she thrust her own hips forward. The pressure on her mould provided a moment of relief for her aching groin. But she knew the little stimulation just wasn’t enough. And Rika seemed to know it too. Before Yossi knew it, Rika’s hands had gone back to grab her on her ass and they had begun grinding each other.

As pleasure heightened, time became nonexistent and noises became muted. And when Yossi felt Rika leading her hand back to her mould, she waited no longer. She parted the panty and slid her longest finger into the wanting hole and felt warm juices - those that Miki had mentioned - gushed and coated her palm…

Yoshi (extras) (10)

(a time around May 2007)

Yossi thought she felt something nudging her. She wasn’t sure, however doing what everybody would do on instinct; she shifted her body slightly away. Then she felt it again, this time on her arm. A little frustrated, she turned to her left, tugging along the blanket as she did. But before she could drift back to unconsciousness, she felt it again, very clearly this time. Little nudges on her back, she thought it was slight taps or pokes or whatever but nevertheless it was very irritating. She began to wonder just how much of the bed Rika actually needed before she was allowed some decent sleep.

She grunted softly, and into her pillow; her subtle display of disapproval meanwhile hoping that it wasn’t yet enough to evoke anger from Rika. She waited. It seemed to have worked. The nudging stopped.

Soon Yossi was feeling sleepy again. But the sleep she so badly desired never arrived. Under the warm sheets, a gelid foot that was suddenly on her bare back shot her wide awake. As the foot was still on her back, she couldn’t turn herself around and had to be contended with the thought that Rika must be having some action packed dreams that would somehow explain the taps, the pokes and the kick. Deciding to shift herself into safer zones, Yossi contemplated moving slightly away but stopped when she realized she was already nearing the edge of the bed. Another move and she would find herself on the cold floor beneath. Deciding on another way, she moved her hand back to try to navigate the offensive foot away when a palm landed on her cheek with amazing force and accuracy.

“What’s that for?” Yossi sat upright and faced her perpetrator. She rubbed her burning cheek and squinted.

Rika didn’t move at first. Then she raised her arm and pointed to where the dressing table was.

Yossi followed the hand and asked. “You need something?”

After a half-yawn laced with irritation, Rika finally forced the words out of her mouth. “Your stupid phone!”

In semi-darkness, Yossi looked where she placed her phone and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Then she heard it. Soft, incessant thuds - the sound of her cell phone vibrating against the table top through her jeans. And she quickly realized what had happened.

“Who’s the idiot?” Yossi cursed.

“You, who else?” Rika chided. “Why didn’t you turn off your phone?”

Yossi wanted to give some excuses but quickly decided against it. She didn’t want to anger Rika anymore. She knew why Rika was angry. Being a very light sleeper, Rika had warned her countless times to switch off her cell phone whenever she’s around for sleepovers.

Doing what’s most right for the situation now, Yossi apologized and got out of bed. The nuisance gadget stopped vibrating the moment Yossi yanked it out from her jeans’ pocket. It made Yossi curse again.
If only you did so earlier…

Though very much tempted to check who the caller was, Yossi didn’t, lest her darling princess would then complain that the dim light coming from the phone screen was blinding her and disrupting her sleep.

Placing the phone back on the dressing table, Yossi walked back to the bed and got back under the sheets. With Rika facing the other side of the bed now, she snuggled up close and hugged Rika from behind. Rika didn’t budge. When Yossi then heard Rika snoring, she knew Rika was only pretending to be asleep.

“Gomen, gomen, gomen,” Yossi whispered and kissed on the nape of Rika’s neck.

Rika turned around slowly until she was facing Yossi, but her eyes were still closed and she was still snoring, like what she did was only a routine turn between sleep.

However, Yossi thought she just caught a smirk on Rika. She inched forward and kissed Rika. “Gomen, gomen, gomen.”

Rika opened her eyes. She kept a straight face for a while before she broke out into a giggle. And when she started rubbing her nose against Yossi’s, Yossi knew that Rika wasn’t angry with her anymore.


Rika got angry again. She sat up and slapped Yossi on the shoulder. Yossi quickly jumped out of the bed and dived for her phone. She fumbled with it in darkness, trying to locate the on/off button as quickly as possible when she realized her phone was lying insentient in her hands.

“It’s… it’s not the phone,” she told Rika.

“Then what was it?” Rika half-screamed.

They kept quiet and listened.

~…masaka saa…~

Rika quickly turned red. Realizing the source of the sound too, Yossi made a slight grunt and walked over toward Rika’s handbag which was hung behind the door. Getting it down from the hook, she dug into it, found the culprit and passed it to Rika. She said nothing when Rika received it quite solemnly although she was tempted to ‘scold’ back. But as soon as she saw the sorry look on Rika, the thought dissipated.

Seeing that Rika was now checking her emails, Yossi decided to do the same for hers. She took her phone and plopped down on the bed. As she read through the shocking contents of the email, she still wasn’t quite sure she got it right, but looking up and seeing Rika looking at her with the same shock expression, Yossi quickly understood that they had gotten the same message from Tsuji…



Yoshi (extras) (11)


Keep your hands off her!!!

Yossi growled and grunted and felt her fingers dug into the PVC of the arm rest. She could sense the woman sitting beside her throwing her glances but she couldn’t care less. Nothing’s more important than what’s going on on stage now.


Yossi’s vision zoomed in on the hand around the slim waist. She could feel something starting to bubble inside her. When the coarse fingers closed in, Yossi squirmed and closed her eyes.

It’s just an act… it’s just an act…

She opened her eyes.

Did he just fondle it?

It took Yossi almost all her will to refrain from standing up.


Yossi shut her eyes and turned away. The volcano inside her was on the brink of erupting. When she opened her eyes to look again, she thought she just saw Rika smiling at the soldier. At this very moment, Yossi only had one thought. She wished for an iron mallet just so that she could smash the grotesque hand flat, no, rotten.

Recognizing that the act on stage was soon coming to an end, Yossi stood up, crouched a little and headed toward a door on the left side of the theatre. She knew she attracted a few stares from people whose view she had blocked and might even risk the chance of being recognized, but she couldn’t really be bothered now. She needed to get to backstage fast. When the crowd applauded the end of Act II, Yossi opened the door and walked in.

As the guards all recognized her, Yossi managed to get to backstage without any difficulty. But the moment she stepped foot into the dim, spacious and noisy room, her blood seethed. Instead of seeing Rika, she saw the owner of the offensive hand looking at her. When he smiled, Yossi could feel all her nerves snapped. Then thinking that Yossi probably hadn’t seen him, his smile broadened. And Yossi felt more disgusted.

Yossi returned a smile, which strictly speaking, couldn’t even be called a smile and looked away. Enough was enough. She knew she was losing it and another minute spent looking at the revolting face, she couldn’t be sure what she wouldn’t do. The only thing she could be sure was that the guy was going to be very very sorry.

The sound of approaching footsteps made Yossi turn. She smiled. But just after a quick glance on Rika’s attire, her smile was quickly gone, replaced by a slight frown. And she thought she saw an almost imperceptible smirk forming on Rika.

“You’re here?” Rika said, trying to sound as casual as she could as she walked past Yossi toward her dressing table. She was well aware of a not-so-familiar young female extra nearby looking and smiling brightly at them. The girl had the word ‘star-struck’ written all over her face.

Yossi nodded at Rika and stood around for a while. When she saw the girl being called away, she walked to where Rika was, pulled out the nearest chair and sat down.

“Now…” Yossi began while trying to clear an invisible lump in her throat. “It’s quite COLD in here, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you at least COVER up a little more? Ermm… in case you catch a cold.”

Rika tried to hold her giggle. She knew what was going on just by looking at the jealousy-filled face. She had caught Yossi staring at her co-star when she was walking in just now. And she knew actually just how to perk Yossi up. She took the white lab coat hanging on the back of her seat, put it on and struck a sexy pose. As a satisfied smirk appeared on Yossi’s relatively active facial expression today, Rika rolled her eyes.

Rika then put on the pair of black-rimmed spectacles and proceeded to unbutton her coat slowly.

Yossi felt her face twitched. And when Rika had left to go onstage after whispering into her ears, Yossi could feel her throat had gone dry and her body was burning hot…


Yossi gulped. She could clearly feel her heart pulsating while looking at the same nerdy spectacles, the same white coat, the same angelic face and the same devilish figure from just now. The only difference: they were now in the privacy of their own room where there was only one actress and one audience.

“And then you make a turn here, that’s when you have to pay attention to this part—” Rika looked up, “—Yossi !!”

“Eh! Yeah?”

“Are you paying attention? I’m trying to teach you here.”

“Yes, I am…” Yossi gulped again. The truth was; she couldn’t concentrate anymore… not when she kept thinking of what Rika had told her…

“You know I rather take them off for you…”

Yossi stood up from the bed. She grabbed Rika by the waist and with another swing, ended them both on the bed.

“Now’s not the time for practice,” Yossi said as her hands quickly worked to unbutton the obstructing coat.


Yoshi (extras) (09)

(continued from Yoshi-Extras (08)

Miki wasn’t going to waste any more time on her nonsensical leader. She took out her MD player and plugged on.

“Damn!” Yossi cursed as she checked the reception bar on her cell phone’s screen. She dialed again.


Miki heard everything quite clearly but decided to keep her earphones on, showing no more empathy. The same mundane issues involving Yossi and her princess just couldn’t interest her anymore, at least not at this moment. She just didn’t feel like ‘kicking Yossi in the ass’ for the second time.


Miki heard it again. She could feel her frustrated leader giving her furtive glances. She closed her eyes and pretended to go to sleep.

When she opened her eyes from a nudge on her shoulder half an hour later, Miki realized she had really fallen asleep. She took off her earphones, chucked it into her bag, stood up and waited for Yossi to move down the bus aisle before she followed. And judging from the flustered look still on Yossi, she reckoned that her leader’s problem still hadn’t been solved and if she wasn’t wrong again, it wouldn’t take long for Yossi to start bothering her. And how right she was…

“I can’t get her,” Yossi turned back and said the moment she got off the bus.

Miki so knew this was coming but she thought Yossi would at least wait until they had gotten into the lobby.

“Didn’t you say she’s sick?”

“That’s why I’ve been trying to get her. I’m worried.”

Miki rolled her eyes. “That’s why she switched off her phone. IDIOT! She needs rest!” However Miki said otherwise, “Why worry? Don’t we all stay in the same hotel? You can go find her.”

Yossi smiled.


Rika thanked and bade Erika and Yui goodnight. With her body still aching and her fever showing no signs of subduing, her fellow group members had been kind to escort her back to her hotel room. And being really sick and very alone now, Rika realized that just having to close the door had taken her double the usual effort. After making sure the door was closed and secured, she dreaded when she thought of the pain she had to endure before she could drag herself to the comforts of a soft bed. She turned, but when she saw a figure lying on the said bed, she summoned whatever strength still left in her and screamed…


Yossi jumped off the bed. Seeing the scared look on Rika, she then scanned the floor, looking fanatically for - what she believed - the insect which was scaring the wits out of her girlfriend.

“WHY ARE YOU HERE?” Rika shrieked. She quickly covered her mouth and hoped Erika and Yui were gone far enough to not to hear her.

“Why?” Yossi looked back bemused. A cool three seconds passed before she realized she was the source of Rika’s panic.

Like the shock was some panacea that had granted her new strength, Rika strode up, grabbed and shoved Yossi to the door. “You’ve done that. Now, leave.”

“Wait a minute…wait a minute…” Yossi protested as she applied more pressure on her foot, slightly resisting the pressure on her back. “You’re sick, you need me to take care—”

“Have you forgotten how I got my flu?” Rika was screaming again.

And when the door was opened, Yossi began to laugh sheepishly. She couldn’t stop Rika from opening the door but was somehow confident she could get Rika to change her mind later. “Aha~” she said, still trying hard even when she found herself standing outside the room now. “The carrier should be immune by now—”

The door was slammed shut even before she could finish her sentence.

“Rika? Rika?”


When there was no response, Yossi sighed and allowed her hand to slide down the door. When she turned to walk away, she found that she wasn’t really quite alone.


… …


(two weeks before… how Rika got sick? And if you remembered someone looking sick during a certain Haromoni New Year episode…)

Rika waited impatiently for the director to shout “CUT”. And when the latter finally did, Rika quickly walked out amid bows of apology, a little bothered that she was the first to leave the studio, this time even before the director does. However, once outside, the matter was quickly chucked behind the back of her head as she began to race against time, running along the corridor and up the stairs until she reached Morning Musume’s designated dressing room. Not bothering to knock, she pushed open the door and stepped in, but instead of finding the person she wanted, she was surprised to see the room totally lifeless. Shifting into Plan B, she went back to her dressing room which was just two units away, changed out of her yukata and in ten minutes, was already in a cab heading towards somewhere in Tokyo.

It took just ten minutes for her to reach her destination. She greeted Mrs. Yoshizawa politely as she stepped into the house and was somewhat glad to know that the male authority of the house wasn’t home yet.

After having mentioned her daughter was taking a bath, Mrs. Yoshizawa excused herself to her unfinished chores in the kitchen while Rika allowed herself into Yossi’s bedroom and waited.

Another fifteen minutes passed slowly before Rika saw the door knob turned and Yossi stepping in.

Yossi paused right under the threshold. “Why are you here?” she asked.

“Why?” Rika countered. She couldn’t but notice her girlfriend looking kind of stupid with a towel draping over her wet hair.

“Yah,” Yossi said as she closed the door behind her. She glanced at the calendar on her dressing table. “Today’s not Wednesday,” she said as she walked across the room and sat down next to her girlfriend on the bed.

“I know,” Rika said. She knew what Yossi was thinking. It wasn’t Wednesday, she shouldn’t be here as she would only come over on Wednesday, just like how Yossi would go to her place only on Saturday.

“Then?” Yossi asked.

Rika didn’t feel like answering. Seeing how Yossi was doing a bad job trying to dry her own hair, she reached out for the towel and took over.

“Don’t you know you have to dry them well or you’ll catch a cold?”

Yossi knew Rika was just trying to avoid her question. She kept still and felt Rika ruffling her hair with the dry towel like she was a drenched puppy. She began to wonder what made Rika decide to come. And it dawned on her.

“I’m ok now, you know. Just muscle aches,” she said.

“Yeah right~” Rika put down her towel and tried to comb down the spiky hair with her fingers. “You were so weak just now; they have to leave you out of the games.”

“Nah, I faked it,” Yossi said. It was clearly a lie. The fact was, her forehead was getting hotter with each passing hour.

“Are you sure? All right, the nurse is leaving then.” Rika stood up to leave. But before she had the chance to carry out her threat, Yossi had pulled and pinned her down on the bed and started kissing her. She tried to push Yossi away - her initial reaction since everything happened just too suddenly. And this, of all, wasn’t the reason she was here. She wasn’t here for sex. She was here because she was worried. But judging from the force Yossi was holding her, she began to doubt if her girlfriend was really sick. And when she felt she was slowly getting aroused, she felt sicker…

As Yossi slipped a hand under her bra, Rika gave up all her internal struggles and moaned into Yossi’s mouth and felt a shiver traveled to her groin as another cold finger touched on her nipple.

Hearing the moans, Yossi could feel blood gushing up her head and her nether stirring. Rika’s cries never failed to turn her on. As for the heat on her forehead, it was definitely getting hotter.

Every undressing and exploring and savoring was done slowly. Nobody wanted to waste a moment of this unscheduled love-making. So it took longer than usual when Rika’s body finally convulsed against Yossi’s probing. And when it was over, they exchanged a deep kiss and lay down, satiated.

Weird. Yossi then thought. The sex was great, in fact, it was one of those she really enjoyed but what she couldn’t understand was that she wasn’t sweating and that was despite the fact her body was burning hot. She looked sideway at Rika, who on the contrary, was covered in sweat that were leaving sexy trails glistening down her forehead and neck. When Rika looked back, Yossi felt a tingling sensation in her nose and when she sneezed, a streak of water flowed down her cheek from her nostril, her fingers reaching out just too late to stop the flow.

Rika giggled. Now she was convinced that her lover’s really sick. And when she thought of Yossi’s charged libido, even when sick, she felt aroused again…



Yoshi (extras) (08)

(2007.01.03 Sun Plaza)

Perhaps Risa hadn’t known the soon-to-be leader had stepped into the backstage gakuya, or she would have stopped whatever she was discussing with Kamei. And perhaps Kamei hadn’t noticed Miki too, or she would have stopped Risa from talking on and on. Not that Miki was really interested in what her juniors or those idle people clotting the corridor way were chatting about. It had to be that: the topic of the day and for the days to come. However when she heard her name being mentioned, her ears pricked...


Miki cursed under her breath. She seriously considered going up to the oblivious pair to slap some sense into their shallow brains. She knew the moment when she smiled that people would misinterpret her. Just that she didn’t expect it coming first from her comrades.

“I bet Yoshizawa-san had gotten upset when she saw the replay backstage,” Risa said matter-of-factly.

“Really, I didn’t notice that,” Kamei said.

“Of course you didn’t. Did you notice her missing the minute she got off-stage and only got back when it’s her turn to perform?”

Miki cursed again. Risa sure was observant. Thinking of it now, Miki realized she hadn’t seen much of Yossi during backstage too. Could Yossi have gone hiding? Seeking a moment of peace from questions that are bound to be thrown at her wherever she goes? This is why Miki sometimes thinks People are a nuisance. Don’t they know that ‘Graduation’ means graduation? The one word says it all.

“Maybe she didn’t want to be disturbed? You know how people will be rushing to her asking this and that?” Kamei argued.

Risa was losing patience. “You don’t get it, do you? Let me ask you. What happens if you told the news of your graduation and Sayumi was all smiles?”

Miki cursed again. This time loud and clear. The slamming of the door was no quiet affair either. She just wanted to make sure she was heard before she strode out of the room.

“Brats!!! I knew it way before they do.” Miki cursed inwardly. As she stormed down the corridor, Risa’s words began to make some sense. It was true that Yossi wasn’t quite herself during the concert. And now that the concert had ended, Miki had yet to see the troubled leader. And therein lies the question: where could Yossi be now when everyone else was packing and getting ready to leave?

Miki needed no searching as Yossi suddenly appeared from the corner. She stood and watched as Yossi, who was looking back skeptically, approached with wide strides.

“You’re ready to go?” Yossi asked.

Miki pulled Yossi to a stop just as the latter was about to walk past. “Just where did you go?”

“Talk later, can? The bus is waiting.”


After settling down, Yossi quickly noticed the unusual seating in the bus. Only she and Miki were occupying the back row while the others had squeezed themselves in the front few rows, leaving a somewhat awkward gap in-between. And she wondered what could have caused the sudden arrangement?

“Now, just what did you do?” she asked Miki.

Miki shrugged. She sure knew what Yossi was talking about and she wasn’t the least bothered. On the contrary, she kind of appreciated the privacy. It gave her the opportunity to get the question off her chest and increased the chances of her getting an answer. As the bus roared to life to begin its slow journey back to the hotel, she cleared her throat. “Well, you looked ok this morning…”

“Ya,” Yossi said as she continued to look out of the window from behind the half-drawn curtains.

Miki got pissed. She never liked Yossi’s curt replies.

“But after the concert, you don’t look good. NO,” Miki corrected. “During the concert and right now.”

Yossi didn’t say a thing nor moved an inch and Miki was convinced her leader was upset with her.

“Was it because I was smiling when you’re making your announcement?”

Yossi turned to look at Miki who was sitting on the other side of the bus. And when she finally understood what Miki was driving at, she laughed. It caused the others to turn back and look. And all of a sudden, Miki felt very silly to have believed Risa. She cast an angry eye in front and was more chafed when she couldn’t find her target.

“No,” Yossi said. “You should have known me well enough that I don’t care for such things.”

Miki grunted. “That’s why! Man… that girl is such a… Arghh!!!”

Yossi laughed again. “What did you hear this time?” she said as she turned back to look outside. There weren’t many people on the streets and Yossi wondered where everybody had gone. What happened to the city that never sleeps?

“Bleh~ it’s not important anymore. But you can’t blame me, you are behaving weird.”


“Getting yourself lost?”

Yossi sighed. Why did Miki have to remind her?

“I was with her.”

Miki looked up and cocked her eyebrows. If she wanted to know what was going on, she definitely needed to know more than what she had just heard. She returned a look that told Yossi to continue with whatever she was trying to say in the first place.

“The stubborn girl... She’s so sick. You know she’s sick right? I told her not to perform. The staff told her not to perform. She was excused. Well, you know she was excused right? Everybody knows… I tried to talk to her, but she just wouldn’t listen…”

As Yossi babbled on and on, Miki could hear no more, and suddenly 'kicking Yossi in the ass' had become a very tempting notion…


Yoshi (extras) (07)

Yossi stopped in front of a door which read ‘V-U-Den & Tsuji Nozomi’ on a piece of paper pasted on the side. The protocol she shared with Rika remained fresh in her mind, but the urgency to see Rika right away preceded everything. She placed her hand on the handle and turned. It didn’t budge. The door seemingly to be locked from inside. She tapped lightly on the door and waited. Soon she heard a voice asking for her identity and before she could reply, the door opened.

When the door opened, Erika popped her head from behind and was not hiding her surprise when she saw Yossi. Without much ado, she quickly stepped aside to allow the unexpected guest access into the heavily-scented room.

Holding a smile, Yossi remained where she was but allowed her eyes to peer over Erika into the room behind. When she saw Rika and also the imperceptible frown forming, she braced herself. She knew her girlfriend wasn’t too happy now, but guessed Rika should understand after listening to her explanation later.

“Yoshizawa-san, what’s with?” asked Erika, who getting awkward as whether to close the door or to hold it open like what she was doing now, since doing the former would be very rude.

“Sorry, I just need a word with Ishikawa-san,” Yossi said apologetically. And when she realized Tsuji wasn’t around, she was more glad than surprised. Since whatever propriety she was putting on now would be useless against the blabber-mouthed girl. Then turning to Rika, she said. “Ishikawa-san, chotto?”

Rika placed her iPod on the table and followed Yossi out of the room. After making sure the door was well closed, she dropped all pretenses and hissed. “What’s so urgent?”

Yossi said nothing and gestured Rika to follow her. After a few turns here and there in the maze-like backstage corridor, they came to a dead end. But Yossi still hadn’t talked. She looked around cautiously. And when she was sure they were quite alone, she leaned her back against the wall and sighed and allowed herself to slide down into a squatting position.

Rika watched every action with apprehension. And inside her, her premonition grew, telling her that something bad must have happened. And all the secrecy just seemed to say it. Rika squatted down too.

“I was with Sakimoto-san just now,” Yossi finally said. “He passed me the envelope.”

“What! You’re kidding right?”

Yossi looked at Rika, who was staring wide-eyed at her and sniggered. Rika’s reaction was already something she had expected.

“No, I’m not,” she said.

“But…” Rika found no words to continue. She eyed Yossi carefully, looking out for signs.

“What an irony.”

Rika couldn’t get it. “So… when is it?” she asked.

“May, next year.” And when Yossi heard the crack in her own voice, she realized she wasn’t taking it better than she had expected. “They will announce it next week, during the concert.”

Rika placed her arm around and hugged Yossi. “What reason?”

“No, nothing.”

Rika nodded slightly. “They just want you to leave huh…”

Yossi then felt her eyes burning. She closed them to stop her tears, if any, from flowing. She knew graduation was inevitable, especially in a pop group like Morning Musume. Just that it was only now that she understood how others must have felt when they were told to leave. It is not about leaving a group of people whom you have spent years bonding with, and whom you sometimes feel closer than your family, but what she felt was the inhuman way the company had carried out each graduation; like each member was just a pawn, to be sacrificed the moment it has outlived its usefulness.

And others had it better than her. At least they all left with a purpose. But not her, she didn’t even know why she had to leave and she didn’t even know what’s in stall for her…

“Could it be…” Rika stopped. She couldn’t bring herself to voice out her fears; that she might be responsible for her girlfriend’s forced graduation.

“Don’t be silly.”

When Rika turned to look at Yossi again, she could no longer control her tear from falling.



Yoshi (extras) (06)

(a time around Dec 2006)

“I started a fad in the group.”

“Oh,” Yossi said she looked through the boxes of fighting scenes again.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to ask me?”

Yossi looked sideway at Miki and knew right away from the look that she won’t be given peace until Miki gets what she wants. “All right, so what’s it?” she asked perfunctorily.

“This!” said Miki, pointing to the only earring on her left ear.

Yossi looked straight, did a weird roll of her eyes, and then back at the manga in her hand. “All right, that was funny,” she said, trying to humor Miki at her lame attempt at a joke.

“No~” Miki explained. “I wasn’t trying to be funny. I’m just curious.”

“Uh Uh~” said Yossi, still not looking up. “You mean you are curious where they misplaced the other piece? Just like you?”

“Yeah, that WAS funny,” Miki said without laughing before throwing the bomb. “Now… we have our reasons right, but what about them?” She fixed her eyes at Yossi and watched her leader’s eyebrows rose slowly to an arch, seemingly to have taken a little longer than required to understand…

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Yossi shot a look at Miki. “I didn’t really notice that.”

“Of course you didn’t!” Miki leaned closer and lowered her voice. “It used to be Ai-chan only, but now Gakisan is doing the same.

As if on instinct, Yossi turned her head back and scanned the dressing room for signs of Takahashi and Risa, hoping to see for herself if what Miki said was true when she suddenly felt a pull on her ear to turn her back.

“Idiot!” Miki chided. “That’s SO telling them we’re talking about them!”

“Yah yah, so what?” Yossi said defiantly. “Besides you may be right! If they’re doing what we’re doing because they’re thinking what we’re thinking…”

Miki snorted. “No! I think they’re just a bunch of copycats…”

Yossi tried not to laugh while she looked at Miki. “You think being gay is copy-righted?”

“Nah,” Miki said sardonically. “I just think being gay is closet’ed.”

Yossi finally laughed. “Well, at least you’re coming out well…”

She started humming the melody of ‘Melodies’.

THANKS! Uh~ REALLY THANK YOU,” Miki grunted sarcastically. For a moment she wondered if that was the reason Tsunku had named GAM’s singles ‘THANKS’ and ‘Melodies” respectively. And a thought hit her. “So when are you and Rika gonna do the same?” she challenged.

In an act that left Miki slightly taken aback, Yossi stopped humming and looked sadly at Miki before letting out a sigh.

“You know, she’ll never agree to it. It won’t do our career any good, she said.”

“Oh come on… Nobody is asking her to hold a press conference and announce it to the world. You know, just drop hints here and there.”

Yossi sat upright, her new found energy originating from the fact that there was someone else who shared her views. “Yah!” she exclaimed in voice thick with enthusiasm. “That’s what I told her, about you and Ayaya, ne? You know, like how after the MTV was aired on TV, nobody believed the rumors anymore. Everybody just thinks it is a gimmick.”

Miki laughed smugly. “It’s called ‘reverse psychology’.”

“Like I don’t know…”

“Oh, my dear leader, but I can spare you another one. Force her to comply or you’ll dump her. You go tell her.”

Yossi knew Miki was patronizing her. “Well, well…” she pondered… and her eyes lighted up. “Maybe, just maybe…”


Rika shrieked very very loudly. So loud that Erika and Yui, who were doing their make-up, looked up startled. They shared a look and at their leader and back at each other again. Thinking that it must be one of those moments that were coming so frequently from Rika, they shrugged it off and resumed with whatever they were doing.

“Who touched my box?” Rika asked as she looked from right to left. “You?”

With almost impeccable timing, Erika and Yui shook their head together, still paying more attention to their own reflection in the mirror than at the fidgety figure between them.

“Argh~ what am I to do?”

At a loss, Rika started to tap her fingers nervously on the dressing table while horrible thoughts began to invade her mind. As the incessant tapping became louder and faster, proving it too great an annoyance to be ignored in the confined room, Yui finally gave up and asked Rika what had happened. But what Yui didn’t quite expect was to hear what she heard.

“My earrings!” said Rika in a voice that seemed like the end of the world is near. “They are each missing one!”

Yui had to try very hard to control her laughter. However, when she heard Erika cracking up, she could hold out no longer and burst out laughing. It was just too funny. She wondered who would pull such a prank on her leader. Well, it wasn’t really a prank; it was something more stupid, and she felt a sudden interest to know just who the ‘genius’ behind the silly act might be?

And when Erika was done laughing, she said. “Well… You can just wear one—”

“NO WAY!” Rika shrieked.

“Or you can don’t wear—”

“That’s worse than ‘no way’,” said Erika, cutting off the suggestion by Yui.

As exchanges filled the room, with each suggestion getting more ludicrous than the last, Rika decided that she just had to rely on herself to solve the problem…


The moment Rika walked into the recording studio spotting mismatching earrings on both ears, the big smile originally on Yossi vanished without a trace. Yossi shook her head in disbelief - to think her dear princess would rather be called a fashion weirdo than to be caught dead with only one eardrop. She just knew she had to do more if she was to convince her girl…


Yoshi (extras) (05)

(a certain haromoni where MM celebrated Christmas…)

“Osoi yo!” Rika grumbled the moment she sensed Yossi walking into the bedroom.

Yossi smiled back brightly. She dropped her bag on the chair and walked toward Rika, who was reading on the bed. After kissing her girlfriend on the cheek, Yossi threw herself on the bed and sighed. “I’m dead beat!”

“Tired?” Rika asked as she put down her reading material. Looking at Yossi’s tired state, she knew her girlfriend must have a hard day at work.

Yossi raised her head by placing both her palms under it. “What do you think? We were in the studio nine in the morning. And back at six again for some silly Christmas party.” She stuck out her right hand to look at the time on her wrist watch. “Look… it’s almost ten already.”

Rika gave a perfunctory nod. When she felt Yossi’s talk wasn’t going anywhere interesting, she picked up her book and returned to her reading.

“You know what we did?” Yossi asked.

The room fell silent. A few seconds later when Rika looked up to see Yossi gazing at her, she asked. “Uh, so what you girls did?”

Yossi smiled and returned to gazing at the ceiling. “We went to amusement parks~ and tata! There are roller coaster rides,” she said excitedly.

“Now, that is interesting,” said Rika, knowing well how Yossi is afraid of roller coaster rides.

“Deshou?” Yossi laughed stupidly. “But I was exempted.”

“Duh!” Rika rolled her eyes. When she returned her attention to her book, she noticed she was reading the same paragraph over and over again.

“We went to an obake house, more rides. And our team got back to studio first.”

“Ermm… that sounds really sucky,” Rika said. She flipped the pages and realized there were two pages more before she would finish the chapter.

“Actually we cheated,” Yossi laughed. “We didn’t complete our mission. But who cares anyway, our group is nothing but a group of boring people. Our scenes will be cut anyway so I don’t see the point of playing along.”

Rika looked up. “Boring people?”

“Yeah. Reina, Non and…” Yossi tried to think hard, “Yah, Mikitty.”

Rika laughed hearing the names. “You should thank God Gakisan’s not in your group.”

Yossi squinted at Rika. “Well, she still managed to piss me off.”

“How?” Rika asked and closed her book. She sat up straight. If her hunch was right, she was about to hear some juicy details and she just loves gossips.

“You know, the usual stuffs… talking too much and over-reacting.”

“That’s all?” Rika couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Seemingly to miss the expression on Rika, Yossi continued. “We sent an email to them saying that we were heading back first, but when they got back, she started making a big fuss in front of the camera, ‘You guys left half way is it? You mean you guys left half way right?’” Yossi rolled her eyes. “Isn’t that irritating?”

Rika nodded. She could so imagine Gakisan saying that in the sharp voice of hers.

“That’s what I think. And I thought we had made ourselves clear in the email. So I asked her what’s that email for and…” Yossi paused for a little drama. “the staffs cracked up silly too.”

Rika laughed and patted on Yossi’s head. “Good one.”

A smirk grew on Yossi. She knew Rika never really liked Risa, for the same reasons why she sometimes couldn’t stand Risa. The reaction queen was just full of irrelevant comments and unnecessary action whenever they were doing recordings; all for the sake of extra camera footage. And now Rika should be happy to know that Risa was made to look stupid on TV.

“So, how are you going to reward me? A massage? My shoulders are aching.”

Rika didn’t mind but Yossi was smelling after a day’s work, so she asked Yossi to take a bath first. Taking that as a ‘Yes”, Yossi jumped from the bed and scrambled toward the bathroom. She knew she had to be quick, the faster she’s done with her bathing, the sooner she could enjoy Rika’s sensual massages.

And while Yossi was away in the bathroom, Rika’s cell phone rang. She picked it up after seeing Tsuji’s name on the screen and spoke. “Non?”

“Un, where are you now?” the cutesy voice on the other end asked.
“At Yossi’s place.”
“Ah, Yotchan’s back already. I thought they were having some party?”
“They were. She just came back, dead tired.”
“Tired? How can it be? She wasn’t even in the rides. The most she did was to go into the obake house. And even for that, she cheated, you know?”
“Really?” Rika asked. She knows Yossi is naughty at times, besides she already heard it from Yossi just now.
“Actually it’s just Reina and her, but she dragged Mikitty and me along.”
“She dragged what? Obake house? Can’t be… She is NOT afraid of obake houses…”
“Of course she’s not. Precisely why. She said since she would be all calm, the crew would have nothing to film, so she got me and Mikitty to go along.”

Rika heard Tsuji laughed.

“And I always think Mikitty is brave but I am soooo wrong. She so bloody freaked out, grabbing onto Yossi like a koala bear. Man, she held on so tight I doubt water could seep through...”

Rika could pay no more attention to the rest of Tsuji’s babbling as her mind began to wonder… and was more than glad when the latter finally hung up.


“A~~ kimochi iiIIIII” Yossi swooned as Rika’s fingers expertly rubbed on the acupoints on her shoulders. “What about here?” Yossi pointed to her lower back while she remained chest down on the bed. Her face half buried in a puffed up pillow.

“Sure.” Rika tried to sound nonchalant. She shifted down and sat straddled with Yossi’s thighs in-between her legs. Placing her hands on Yossi’s back for mild support, she pressed lightly and asked. “Here?”

Yossi nodded and her reply turned out muffled against the pillow.

After lifting the shirt to expose Yossi’s back and unhooking the restrain at the back, Rika began to rub on the toned muscles while working her way up along the spine. Yossi let out a satisfied cry. When Rika’s fingers brushed against the sides of her breast sometimes, Yossi could felt her groin beginning to stir. She knew she’s getting turned on.

“So, which is better?” Rika asked.

Yossi pondered at what she thought was a cheeky question. Of course, she would prefer the massage to be somewhere else, like in front or somewhere between her inner thighs…

“Mikitty’s bear hug or mine?” Rika suddenly squeezed her fingers together and pinched hard.

Feeling both her sides in sudden pain, Yossi swore she had used up all her will to stop herself from crying out loud. She shot her head back, but only to see her girlfriend staring menacingly at her…

“Non just called me,” Rika seethed.

And Yossi finally got it…

Damn! Wait till I get my hands on the diarrhoea-mouthed girl.


Yoshi (extras) (04)

(When Makoto and Konno were told to graduate…)

“Graduation? More likely they’re sacked!”

“SH!!!” Yossi looked around consciously. “Keep it to yourself. The manager told me he will only tell you girls later. So, please act as if you just heard it for the first time.”

“That means I can say “Fuck! I think they’re sacked!” Because that’s what I just said, isn’t it?”

“Ha ha…” Yossi gave a weak laugh. “You ARE funny.”

“Ne… ne, do you think it’s because the management knows?” Miki got into her nosey mood and asked.

“Well, if that’s the case, you and me will go next,” said Yossi matter-of-factly.

“No~ no~ no~ you’ll go first, you’re the last of your batch, remember? Don’t you just feel so ooooooooold in the group already?” Miki drawled.

“AHA~ I am actually hoping for that.”

Miki slapped on Yossi’s shoulder. “Yeah, cut the crap. If you are jobless, who’s going to pay for all your bills? Unless you prefer living off your woman?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I can go solo, you know, like the rest.”

Miki burst out laughing. “Now, THAT is funny. Don’t you realize there’s a big obstacle in your path if you think you’re going solo?”

“Yeah~” Yossi gave Miki a skeptical look. “Why don’t you just tell me?”

“Because you have… NO BOOBS!” And with an action as quick as lightning, Miki slapped on Yossi’s chest which produced a loud thud that kind of shocked both of them. “SEE! It’s hard.”

“That why it hurts!” Yossi screamed. But before Yossi could retaliate, Miki, who was always faster, had had her bosoms covered by crossing her arms, and continued to irk her leader with her words. “Unless you’re prepared to bare your precious flesh in photo books, you’re SUCH a liability to the company.”

But Yossi was defiant. “I’m just uncomfortable showing skin.”

To Miki, it was just another foolish remark from Yossi. “But not to Rika~” she said singsongy.

Yossi stared hard at Miki. Watching the smirk on Miki grew, she started to regret why she ever let Miki know so much about Rika and her. Her eyes thinned as she made a mental note never to indulge any more secrets to Miki.

Oblivious to the stare she was getting, Miki leaned in closer and said. “There… is actually something I want to know badly,” and cleared her throat. “Are Rika’s boobs real?”

“What!” Yossi looked around fanatically and felt a cold sweat broke from her forehead. And luckily for Yossi, she found them to be very alone in the narrow corridor way. Anyone, who would to pick up their conversation now, wouldn’t find it difficult to understand she shared a special relationship with Rika. The irritation on Yossi grew obvious but Miki couldn’t understand Yossi’s paranoia and continued, “They’re quite big for a C, you know?”


When Yossi was sure what she heard, she shouted. “C!! Did I just hear C? What a joke, she is a D, ok!”

As Yossi watched Miki succumbed into another laughing fit, she quickly realized she had fallen prey to Miki’s trick again. While Miki’s laughing went a notch higher, she tapped her foot, and thought hard to get herself out of this embarrassment that was causing a burning sensation behind her ears, and a thought stuck her. “Now, now, now…” she recomposed herself and quipped. “Do you know why bra sizes are named A, B, C, D, E and F?”

Miki stopped laughing almost instantly and looked back. It seemed to her that her usually dull leader finally had something interesting to share. She pricked her ears and waited. And since Miki had quieted down, Yossi cleared her throat. “Okay,” she began. “A is for ‘As flat as an airport runway’.”

“Ouch!” Miki cut in and pointed at Yossi’s chest but Yossi pretended that she saw nothing and continued. “B is for ‘Barely seen’,” and this time, Yossi paused deliberately to make a point at Miki on her chest, whom just rolled her eyes up in nonchalance.

“All right. C is for ‘Comfortable’. D is for ‘Damn Good’. E is for ‘Enormous’. So F is for—”

“—I know! I know!” Miki raised her hand like a student eager for a teacher’s attention. She could barely hide her excitement when she shouted. “FANTASTIC~ F is for ‘Fantastic’ right?”

“BU BU~” Yossi imitated the sound of a buzzer and as Miki’s smug face went flat, it made her feel revenge was exacted. “Because F stands for ‘FAKE’.”

However, in a move that left Yossi bemused, Miki collapsed to the ground and went into a hysterical laughter while grabbing her sides. As Miki’s hee-haw filled the corridor way, Yossi wondered if her joke was really that funny. She remembered she once told it to Rika and it wasn’t this well-received…

After a while, Miki looked up with tears still swelling in her eyes and said. “You know… Yui always insists that she wears a F.”

Yoshi (extras) (03)

(before the start of Rainbow concert Tour)

Kneeling on the floor, Rika placed the last piece of folded tees neatly into the suitcase and checked. When she realized what was missing, she stood up and walked to the cupboard and returned to her kneeling position with a can of painkiller spray and a pair of knee guards in her hands.

“To-chan, is it ok if I put them in this pocket?” she said.

Yossi got up from her sitting position on the bed and pulled Rika toward her. “It’s okay, I can pack them myself later.”
After planting a kiss on the cheek, she led Rika to the bed, had their legs sat inter-crossed and faced her. The Niigaki tour would start tomorrow, and Yossi thought the most important thing right now was to enjoy the limited time they had together. She hugged Rika, resting their chins on each other’s shoulders.

“Is something bothering you?” Rika asked. She could not see Yossi’s face now but could sense that Yossi just wasn’t herself.

“No, I’m just feeling tired,” Yossi said and held Rika tighter. She wanted to assure her lover that everything was all right.

Rika moved back slightly. After studying Yossi for a split second, she frowned and pouted her lips. She knew Yossi wasn’t feeling all right at all.

When Yossi saw her little princess getting angry, she leaned in again to kiss Rika. “I can’t seem to hide anything from you, ne?”

Rika returned a short peck. “So are you going to tell me?”

Yossi smiled. “Well,” she said. “I think I’m a lousy leader…”

At close distance, Rika watched the pair of uncertain eyes in front of her as Yossi continued, “Now I understand what Yuu-chan and Kaorin had to go through…”

However, before Rika could offer any words of comfort, Yossi sighed and buried her face in the crook of her neck. Slightly taken aback, Rika raised her hand, but couldn’t decide on a place and rested it on Yossi’s back. At this moment, she was at a loss for words, not to mention being stunned. She knew it was hard being a leader, since she herself was the leader of v-u-den and knew Yossi had it harder because she had to handle a group of youngsters, moreover Miki, who was the sub-leader, wasn’t really of much help. And if her strong-willed girlfriend was made to feel so helpless now, things must be really bad then...

“What happened?”

Yossi remained silent with her eyes closed. But when she felt a nudge from Rika, knowing that she couldn’t keep mum any longer, she took in a deep breath and said rather reluctantly. “It’s been going on for a while now, but somehow it has gotten worse… I mean, I rather they bring it up then to talk behind our backs…”

“They?” Rika asked. The names that flashed in her mind were Reina and Risa.

“They say I’m always siding Mikitty. You know the last time when Mikitty celebrated her birthday here, well, I don’t know how the others got to know about it. They had gotten quite angry when they heard it because they weren’t invited. And they think it is Mikitty’s idea not to invite them and say Mikitty is clearly drawing a line between them. And I, as leader, am allowing it to happen…”

Rika still didn’t know what to say. She rubbed her hands up and down Yossi’s back in a comforting way. It was the least she could do to let Yossi know she was listening…

“Don’t they get it that sometimes people just can’t get along?”

“Well…” Rika finally said. “Miki can be nasty, but you can’t… because as a leader, you know you have to treat them equally even if you know that they may not like you at all.” And Rika felt suddenly a pang in her heart. It wasn’t happening to Yossi alone, sometimes, she found herself in the same predicament.

Yossi opened her eyes and raised her head and when her eyes met Rika’s, she could hold back her urge no longer and leaned in to kiss Rika. She knew in this world, only Rika truly understands her.

“When Aichan reaches 20 years old,” said Yossi, taking a break from the kiss. “I’m going to tell Tsunku-san to let me graduate. The group sucks now that everyone was gone.”

“No… no…” Rika said gravely. “Not Ai-chan. Gaki-san must be the new leader.”

Hearing it just made Yossi laugh her first laugh of the night. Rika was dammed right; if Tsunku wanted to spare the group from further unrest, it would be better to allow the complain queen to take over the coveted post.

“Sorry… I shouldn’t have babbled on these…”

Rika smiled and rubbed on the nose she so loved. “Silly, you know I always care about what you think. I’ll be angry if you keep everything to yourself.”

The words melted Yossi’s heart. However, she sat up straight and said. “I have bad news for you then…”

Seeing Yossi who had suddenly turned serious, Rika felt a beat skipped from her heart. While her heart continued to thump, her mind raced, thinking of the possibilities of the bad news…

“Because…” Yossi began in a cheeky tone. “Fifty years from now, you will still have this moody obasan here at your side, bothering you…”

Rika broke into a relieved smile. “Why not?” she replied cheekily. “If that’s in exchange to see your smile fifty years from now.”

“Zurui~ isn’t that what I said in haromoni!”


Yoshi (extras) (02)

(2006.02.26. Yossi’s residence.)
Yossi and Rika, Miki and Aya, Makoto and Konno and Miuna were in the living room playing Big-2.

Miki adroitly rearranged the cards. It turned out to be…

♠A ♠K ♠Q ♠J ♠10
♥A ♥K ♥Q ♥J ♥10
♠6 ♣6 ♦6

Ayaya, who was seated beside Miki, gasped. It was the most beautiful hand she had ever seen. Two royal flushes and a triple six - a dream hand in a game of Big-2. She peered at Miki, who looked to be equally excited with the good hand but trying hard to keep a straight face.

Their excitement was understandable. Their revenge time had come. For this last game, they were going to recoup all their losses. And the execution was simple. The minute someone played 5 cards, it would then be all over. Since there was no other combination in a poker game that was bigger than the two royal flushes in Miki’s hand, they should win the game with ease. A clean sweep it would be. And just the thought of this made Ayaya glow from the bottom of her heart. But she tried not to smile too obviously as facial expression of any kind was a big taboo in a game of poker. She gave another glance at Miki, who seemed to be getting impatient…

“Oui~ Oui~ Who is holding Diamond Three? Osoi yo! It’s only thirteen cards, not thirty!” Miki ranted as she knocked her knuckles on the table top.

“Wait. I’m holding it…” Yossi voiced as she did some final adjustments to her card sequence. After getting a confirmation nod from Rika, she put out a single Three of Diamond on the table.

Miuna, who was seated on Yossi and Rika’s right, was next to go and put out a Three of Spade. Next was Makoto and she jumped two ranks by playing a Five of Clubs. Reaching Miki’s turn, Ayaya, on initiative, reached for the Six of Diamond in Miki’s hand but found her hand being slapped away. She turned to her girlfriend and frowned. Besides disapproving the slap, she knew what Miki was planning to do, to end the game ‘glamorously’ with a showhand of all 13 cards at a go. But Ayaka didn’t quite like the idea. She felt that it didn’t matter if they end the game with twelve or thirteen cards.

“Pass!” Miki said, ignoring Ayaya’s questioning look.

“Are you sure?” Makoto asked.

“Errmm…” Miuna rubbed her chin and speculated. “Then she must be holding all the pairs.”

“All right then…” Seeing that Miki wasn’t going to dispose any cards, Yossi put out a Two of Spade and Miuna, Makoto and Konno immediately cried out loud.

“That was fast!” Miuna shrieked.

“Bad… this is bad…” Makoto cursed as she shook her head from side to side, a frown etched across her forehead.

The girls’ reaction was just as Yossi had expected. And Rika was trying hard to stifle her giggle while Miki was getting agitated again.

“Aho!” she barked. “Are you waiting for Christmas? You think there’s another card bigger than that? Pass, PASS!” she tapped hard on the table top.

Yossi grinned, and with deliberate slowness, she produced three cards from her hand. “Triple Sevens.”

Miuna rolled her eyes. “Pass,” she said.

Makoto took one last look at her cards and said the same.

When it was Miki’s turn, she looked at her three sixes and cursed.
Damn… it’s just one point short.

“Pass,” she said resignedly.

Yossi nodded approvingly. After consulting Rika, she displayed a combination of three eights.

“Pass,” Miuna said and looked worriedly at the couple on her left, searching for signs that her hunch might be right. And when she saw Yossi smirking, she began to feel unsettled.

Makoto looked at her cards. She had no ‘three of a kind’. The biggest combination she got was two pairs of Ace and King. She looked at Yossi and then at Rika, who too, was trying hard and yet unsuccessful to hide the smirk on her face, and Makoto began to wonder why couples somehow managed to resemble each other after being together for some time.

“Pass…” she finally said and secretly prayed that Miki would produce something to stop Yossi.

But just as Makoto was relying on Miki, Miki was in fact hoping that Makoto could stop Yossi. So when she heard Makoto said ‘pass’, she became hysteric. “Are you sure!!!” she shouted. “Yossi is gonna game!” Throwing all manners away, she pushed down Makoto’s cards and checked. Seeing that Makoto only had two Aces instead of three, she became resigned. She then stared hard at her own three sixes - too small again. If only she could change one of them to either a Q, a J or a 10, then she would have a ‘three of a kind’ that could easily beat the three eights Yossi had put out.

“Osoi yo!” said Yossi, mimicking Miki’s tone. She wanted to irritate the latter and it obviously did.

“PASS!” Miki slammed her hand on the table and lay against the back of her chair. Her hunch told her Yossi was going to end the game with her last 5 cards. But when Yossi did nothing of the above but allowed her hands to hover above two cards, a happy thought hit Miki.

“She is going to play a pair?”

Miki quickly looked at her cards in hand. Two Aces, two Kings, two Queens, two Jacks and two Tens, and she knew she owned some very big pairs. “Finally,” she thought and grinned. When Yossi played a pair, she was going to take control of the game.

“A pair of Two,” Rika said as Yossi spread the cards out clearly on top the pile on the table.

Miuna, Makoto, Konno, Miki and Ayaya all looked at the remaining three cards in Yossi’s hand with only one thought in mind…
the remaining three cards had to be either a pair and a single card or three single cards. And most probably, Yossi would produce a pair and end her game with a single card…

But Miki was already thinking one step further. “Yossi’s definitely playing a pair. The highest pair now is this pair of Aces which I’m holding now, so when Yossi plays out a pair, I’ll be able to take charge.” She nodded her head smugly. Finally she could turn tides around. She glanced at Ayaya, who seemed to be sharing the same thoughts, and winked. All was not lost yet.

“What are you waiting for now? New Year’s Day?” Makoto quipped sarcastically. The drama was killing her. As any idiot would know that nothing could beat a pair of Two in the game of Big-2.

“All right then,” Yossi showed her final three cards of three nines. “GAME!”

“WHAT!” the five girls screamed in unison.

“Miuna with twelve cards, Mako-chan with twelve and Mikitty…” Rika counted.

With thirteen cards still in hand, it was obvious to Miki that she was the biggest loser. Miki then remembered that if she had allowed Ayaya to throw out a six earlier, they wouldn’t be the biggest loser because all three players would be left with twelve cards each and Miuna would then be the biggest loser because she was holding a Two of Clubs, the biggest single card left in play.

“BAKA!!!!” Miki stood up and shouted. After throwing her cards down on the table, she turned to Yossi and said. “A pair of two just now and these three nines…” she pointed at the winning cards which now seemed to be mocking her. “They’re a full house. AHO! Don’t you know you can game it earlier?”

However, the greater the outburst from Miki, the louder Yossi and Rika laughed. That, precisely was their intention when they purposely split up the full house and played it separately. It was called a red herring.

Then Ayaya started laughing too. And when everybody was wondering why Ayaya was laughing when she had lost, she flipped open Miki’s cards that was lying face down on the table and showed it to others. When the girls saw the pair of royal flushes that never got to see light, they started to crack up so loud and hard that tears began to form in their eyes.

“MOU~” Miki grunted and pushed her cards into the messy pile in the middle of the table. However her childish move to destroy the evidence only served to make her a bigger laughing stock.

Even Tsuji, Asami, Saito and Shibata, who had been barbequing in the backyard, were attracted by the ruckus going in the house and had walked in. Badly needing a place to hide, Miki stormed past them and into the backyard. Enough was enough. Her pride was badly bruised, and her pocket too…


She screamed in her head. Their bet was that the loser had to pay for the taxi fares of others. And she knows taxi fares aren’t cheap in Tokyo. The worst of it all; all these just had to happen on her birthday party…



Yoshi (extras) (01)

(2006.02.21 night)

When Yossi turned on the TV set, her intention wasn’t to watch any particular show but just to add noise to her otherwise quiet bedroom. Now, sixty minutes later, she realized she hadn’t been doing anything else while her eyes remained glued to the black box that was showing a woman making advances to another woman.

The movie was called ‘Yubi’. It was directed by Seicho Matsumoto, and starred her ex-flame, whose name she could no longer bring herself to say. As an odd commercial invaded the screen, Yossi lay back on the bed and took a deep breath. She was at a loss for words…

What makes her take up this role?
She wasn’t that comfortable… touching and getting touched…

And her imagination went on a double. Now… what if she was offered the same role?

Yossi laughed. Of course she would never agree to such a role; not even with a good script. She could not imagine herself doing the same thing like in the movie. She loves to touch woman; they are soft but there was no way she was going to feel sexy touching someone double her age. Just the thought of it was revolting enough, let alone the action itself. Still she preferred younger skin, and girls who look cute and sexy, someone who’s like…


Yossi sat upright. The alarm on her face was visible.

Shucks! What the hell am I thinking?

However she could not but think again as scenes from the movie started to fill her mind. Gotchin was really attractive, and Yossi never noticed Gotchin had nice fingers until, well, that close-up in the movie.

Yossi splayed her fingers, turned her palms and observed. She liked what she saw; her fingers were long and slender and well-maintained. But when she noticed how long her nails had grown, she recalled another scene from the movie where Gotchin was trimming her nails just before sex. Now, she understood why some women had kept their nails short…

The bedroom door burst open suddenly. Throwing all thoughts aside, Yossi grabbed the remote that was luckily within reach and hit on the ‘off’ button. And when the screen flicked to blackness plunging the room into an unearthly silence, Yossi realized she might have over-reacted for a weeny bit. She looked over at her intruder and smiled. Rika stood under the threshold looking indecipherable. When Yossi saw Rika’s expression, her smile weakened and she wondered if the tautness growing in her heart had come from guilt; for having watched a lezzie movie and even fantasized about doing it, with… Yossi swallowed the lump on her throat.

Still maintaining a straight expression, Rika walked toward the bed and plopped herself right next to her girlfriend, whom, she realized, had seemed to obtain a reddish hue overnight. Resting a lazy hand on Yossi’s thigh, she asked, “What are you watching?”

Yossi had no intention to tell. And in a bid to avoid answering the question, she shifted her body slightly toward Rika and locked her arms around the body she had grown accustomed to. “Didn’t you say you aren’t coming?”

A kiss landed on her cheek, but Rika knew Yossi was just trying to avoid eye-contact. She smiled. Not that she wanted to, but she had to, so that her eyes won’t be rolling up in disbelief. She knew Yossi was never good with her acting, just that she never expected Yossi to be this lousy.

“I didn’t want to, but someone was so whinny in the phone just now…”

“Whinny? Me?” Yossi felt insulted. She never whined. “Next time, maybe, I’ll try other sounds,” she said defiantly.

“Next time?” Rika asked skeptically. Her brows arched up in such a way that it was giving Yossi some dirty thought.

“You mean now?” Yossi asked enthusiastically.

Taking Rika’s wink as a cue, Yossi released her hug and started to tickle Rika. But Yossi’s fingers had barely touched Rika when the latter jumped off the bed. She grabbed the nearest pillow and swung it at Yossi. “That hurts!”

“Your nails… let me check.”

Without giving Yossi any chance to react, Rika took both Yossi’s hands and examined.

“Hola hola~ Look!” She brought the pair of hands closer to Yossi’s face. “They’re so long.”

Before Yossi could understand the big fuss over her nails, Rika had retrieved a manicure set from the drawer and was snipping at the nails that had supposedly hurt her.

“I say don’t move.”

Yossi remained still and looked on flummoxed. Why was she getting her nails trimmed when they should be doing other things already? And the funny thing was, from the frown that was forming, Rika seemed to be taking her chore seriously as she tried to achieve a perfect arch for her fingernails.

As the cutter snipped away, Yossi could not but feel strange about the whole thing. Soft hands, intertwined fingers, beautifully arched nails… It felt like she was enacting a scene; a particular scene that aroused her senses just a while ago. And strangely too, her body was reacting to it.

She took the cutter from Rika’s hand and dropped it to the floor, and had a finger on Rika’s lips before she could say anything. From those eyes, she could see that Rika knew what she wants. As she lay Rika down on the bed, it was to say that she was not going to let this beautiful night slip away…


Feeling the muscles around her finger intensified, Yossi quickened her pace and felt Rika moaning into her mouth.

“iku… iku…” Rika groaned softly. Upon the final thrust, she climaxed and sank her teeth into her lips as her body succumbed to the waves of orgasms that were raiding her body.

As both bodies lay spent on the bed, Rika turned to look at Yossi and gently brought the hand to her mouth. “Yubi…” she whispered and kissed on the finger that smelled of her scent. Then Yossi realized that Rika must be watching a certain movie before she decided to drop by…