Yoshi (extras) (11)


Keep your hands off her!!!

Yossi growled and grunted and felt her fingers dug into the PVC of the arm rest. She could sense the woman sitting beside her throwing her glances but she couldn’t care less. Nothing’s more important than what’s going on on stage now.


Yossi’s vision zoomed in on the hand around the slim waist. She could feel something starting to bubble inside her. When the coarse fingers closed in, Yossi squirmed and closed her eyes.

It’s just an act… it’s just an act…

She opened her eyes.

Did he just fondle it?

It took Yossi almost all her will to refrain from standing up.


Yossi shut her eyes and turned away. The volcano inside her was on the brink of erupting. When she opened her eyes to look again, she thought she just saw Rika smiling at the soldier. At this very moment, Yossi only had one thought. She wished for an iron mallet just so that she could smash the grotesque hand flat, no, rotten.

Recognizing that the act on stage was soon coming to an end, Yossi stood up, crouched a little and headed toward a door on the left side of the theatre. She knew she attracted a few stares from people whose view she had blocked and might even risk the chance of being recognized, but she couldn’t really be bothered now. She needed to get to backstage fast. When the crowd applauded the end of Act II, Yossi opened the door and walked in.

As the guards all recognized her, Yossi managed to get to backstage without any difficulty. But the moment she stepped foot into the dim, spacious and noisy room, her blood seethed. Instead of seeing Rika, she saw the owner of the offensive hand looking at her. When he smiled, Yossi could feel all her nerves snapped. Then thinking that Yossi probably hadn’t seen him, his smile broadened. And Yossi felt more disgusted.

Yossi returned a smile, which strictly speaking, couldn’t even be called a smile and looked away. Enough was enough. She knew she was losing it and another minute spent looking at the revolting face, she couldn’t be sure what she wouldn’t do. The only thing she could be sure was that the guy was going to be very very sorry.

The sound of approaching footsteps made Yossi turn. She smiled. But just after a quick glance on Rika’s attire, her smile was quickly gone, replaced by a slight frown. And she thought she saw an almost imperceptible smirk forming on Rika.

“You’re here?” Rika said, trying to sound as casual as she could as she walked past Yossi toward her dressing table. She was well aware of a not-so-familiar young female extra nearby looking and smiling brightly at them. The girl had the word ‘star-struck’ written all over her face.

Yossi nodded at Rika and stood around for a while. When she saw the girl being called away, she walked to where Rika was, pulled out the nearest chair and sat down.

“Now…” Yossi began while trying to clear an invisible lump in her throat. “It’s quite COLD in here, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you at least COVER up a little more? Ermm… in case you catch a cold.”

Rika tried to hold her giggle. She knew what was going on just by looking at the jealousy-filled face. She had caught Yossi staring at her co-star when she was walking in just now. And she knew actually just how to perk Yossi up. She took the white lab coat hanging on the back of her seat, put it on and struck a sexy pose. As a satisfied smirk appeared on Yossi’s relatively active facial expression today, Rika rolled her eyes.

Rika then put on the pair of black-rimmed spectacles and proceeded to unbutton her coat slowly.

Yossi felt her face twitched. And when Rika had left to go onstage after whispering into her ears, Yossi could feel her throat had gone dry and her body was burning hot…


Yossi gulped. She could clearly feel her heart pulsating while looking at the same nerdy spectacles, the same white coat, the same angelic face and the same devilish figure from just now. The only difference: they were now in the privacy of their own room where there was only one actress and one audience.

“And then you make a turn here, that’s when you have to pay attention to this part—” Rika looked up, “—Yossi !!”

“Eh! Yeah?”

“Are you paying attention? I’m trying to teach you here.”

“Yes, I am…” Yossi gulped again. The truth was; she couldn’t concentrate anymore… not when she kept thinking of what Rika had told her…

“You know I rather take them off for you…”

Yossi stood up from the bed. She grabbed Rika by the waist and with another swing, ended them both on the bed.

“Now’s not the time for practice,” Yossi said as her hands quickly worked to unbutton the obstructing coat.

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