Yoshi (extras) (04)

(When Makoto and Konno were told to graduate…)

“Graduation? More likely they’re sacked!”

“SH!!!” Yossi looked around consciously. “Keep it to yourself. The manager told me he will only tell you girls later. So, please act as if you just heard it for the first time.”

“That means I can say “Fuck! I think they’re sacked!” Because that’s what I just said, isn’t it?”

“Ha ha…” Yossi gave a weak laugh. “You ARE funny.”

“Ne… ne, do you think it’s because the management knows?” Miki got into her nosey mood and asked.

“Well, if that’s the case, you and me will go next,” said Yossi matter-of-factly.

“No~ no~ no~ you’ll go first, you’re the last of your batch, remember? Don’t you just feel so ooooooooold in the group already?” Miki drawled.

“AHA~ I am actually hoping for that.”

Miki slapped on Yossi’s shoulder. “Yeah, cut the crap. If you are jobless, who’s going to pay for all your bills? Unless you prefer living off your woman?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I can go solo, you know, like the rest.”

Miki burst out laughing. “Now, THAT is funny. Don’t you realize there’s a big obstacle in your path if you think you’re going solo?”

“Yeah~” Yossi gave Miki a skeptical look. “Why don’t you just tell me?”

“Because you have… NO BOOBS!” And with an action as quick as lightning, Miki slapped on Yossi’s chest which produced a loud thud that kind of shocked both of them. “SEE! It’s hard.”

“That why it hurts!” Yossi screamed. But before Yossi could retaliate, Miki, who was always faster, had had her bosoms covered by crossing her arms, and continued to irk her leader with her words. “Unless you’re prepared to bare your precious flesh in photo books, you’re SUCH a liability to the company.”

But Yossi was defiant. “I’m just uncomfortable showing skin.”

To Miki, it was just another foolish remark from Yossi. “But not to Rika~” she said singsongy.

Yossi stared hard at Miki. Watching the smirk on Miki grew, she started to regret why she ever let Miki know so much about Rika and her. Her eyes thinned as she made a mental note never to indulge any more secrets to Miki.

Oblivious to the stare she was getting, Miki leaned in closer and said. “There… is actually something I want to know badly,” and cleared her throat. “Are Rika’s boobs real?”

“What!” Yossi looked around fanatically and felt a cold sweat broke from her forehead. And luckily for Yossi, she found them to be very alone in the narrow corridor way. Anyone, who would to pick up their conversation now, wouldn’t find it difficult to understand she shared a special relationship with Rika. The irritation on Yossi grew obvious but Miki couldn’t understand Yossi’s paranoia and continued, “They’re quite big for a C, you know?”


When Yossi was sure what she heard, she shouted. “C!! Did I just hear C? What a joke, she is a D, ok!”

As Yossi watched Miki succumbed into another laughing fit, she quickly realized she had fallen prey to Miki’s trick again. While Miki’s laughing went a notch higher, she tapped her foot, and thought hard to get herself out of this embarrassment that was causing a burning sensation behind her ears, and a thought stuck her. “Now, now, now…” she recomposed herself and quipped. “Do you know why bra sizes are named A, B, C, D, E and F?”

Miki stopped laughing almost instantly and looked back. It seemed to her that her usually dull leader finally had something interesting to share. She pricked her ears and waited. And since Miki had quieted down, Yossi cleared her throat. “Okay,” she began. “A is for ‘As flat as an airport runway’.”

“Ouch!” Miki cut in and pointed at Yossi’s chest but Yossi pretended that she saw nothing and continued. “B is for ‘Barely seen’,” and this time, Yossi paused deliberately to make a point at Miki on her chest, whom just rolled her eyes up in nonchalance.

“All right. C is for ‘Comfortable’. D is for ‘Damn Good’. E is for ‘Enormous’. So F is for—”

“—I know! I know!” Miki raised her hand like a student eager for a teacher’s attention. She could barely hide her excitement when she shouted. “FANTASTIC~ F is for ‘Fantastic’ right?”

“BU BU~” Yossi imitated the sound of a buzzer and as Miki’s smug face went flat, it made her feel revenge was exacted. “Because F stands for ‘FAKE’.”

However, in a move that left Yossi bemused, Miki collapsed to the ground and went into a hysterical laughter while grabbing her sides. As Miki’s hee-haw filled the corridor way, Yossi wondered if her joke was really that funny. She remembered she once told it to Rika and it wasn’t this well-received…

After a while, Miki looked up with tears still swelling in her eyes and said. “You know… Yui always insists that she wears a F.”

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