Yoshi (extras) (09)

(continued from Yoshi-Extras (08)

Miki wasn’t going to waste any more time on her nonsensical leader. She took out her MD player and plugged on.

“Damn!” Yossi cursed as she checked the reception bar on her cell phone’s screen. She dialed again.


Miki heard everything quite clearly but decided to keep her earphones on, showing no more empathy. The same mundane issues involving Yossi and her princess just couldn’t interest her anymore, at least not at this moment. She just didn’t feel like ‘kicking Yossi in the ass’ for the second time.


Miki heard it again. She could feel her frustrated leader giving her furtive glances. She closed her eyes and pretended to go to sleep.

When she opened her eyes from a nudge on her shoulder half an hour later, Miki realized she had really fallen asleep. She took off her earphones, chucked it into her bag, stood up and waited for Yossi to move down the bus aisle before she followed. And judging from the flustered look still on Yossi, she reckoned that her leader’s problem still hadn’t been solved and if she wasn’t wrong again, it wouldn’t take long for Yossi to start bothering her. And how right she was…

“I can’t get her,” Yossi turned back and said the moment she got off the bus.

Miki so knew this was coming but she thought Yossi would at least wait until they had gotten into the lobby.

“Didn’t you say she’s sick?”

“That’s why I’ve been trying to get her. I’m worried.”

Miki rolled her eyes. “That’s why she switched off her phone. IDIOT! She needs rest!” However Miki said otherwise, “Why worry? Don’t we all stay in the same hotel? You can go find her.”

Yossi smiled.


Rika thanked and bade Erika and Yui goodnight. With her body still aching and her fever showing no signs of subduing, her fellow group members had been kind to escort her back to her hotel room. And being really sick and very alone now, Rika realized that just having to close the door had taken her double the usual effort. After making sure the door was closed and secured, she dreaded when she thought of the pain she had to endure before she could drag herself to the comforts of a soft bed. She turned, but when she saw a figure lying on the said bed, she summoned whatever strength still left in her and screamed…


Yossi jumped off the bed. Seeing the scared look on Rika, she then scanned the floor, looking fanatically for - what she believed - the insect which was scaring the wits out of her girlfriend.

“WHY ARE YOU HERE?” Rika shrieked. She quickly covered her mouth and hoped Erika and Yui were gone far enough to not to hear her.

“Why?” Yossi looked back bemused. A cool three seconds passed before she realized she was the source of Rika’s panic.

Like the shock was some panacea that had granted her new strength, Rika strode up, grabbed and shoved Yossi to the door. “You’ve done that. Now, leave.”

“Wait a minute…wait a minute…” Yossi protested as she applied more pressure on her foot, slightly resisting the pressure on her back. “You’re sick, you need me to take care—”

“Have you forgotten how I got my flu?” Rika was screaming again.

And when the door was opened, Yossi began to laugh sheepishly. She couldn’t stop Rika from opening the door but was somehow confident she could get Rika to change her mind later. “Aha~” she said, still trying hard even when she found herself standing outside the room now. “The carrier should be immune by now—”

The door was slammed shut even before she could finish her sentence.

“Rika? Rika?”


When there was no response, Yossi sighed and allowed her hand to slide down the door. When she turned to walk away, she found that she wasn’t really quite alone.


… …


(two weeks before… how Rika got sick? And if you remembered someone looking sick during a certain Haromoni New Year episode…)

Rika waited impatiently for the director to shout “CUT”. And when the latter finally did, Rika quickly walked out amid bows of apology, a little bothered that she was the first to leave the studio, this time even before the director does. However, once outside, the matter was quickly chucked behind the back of her head as she began to race against time, running along the corridor and up the stairs until she reached Morning Musume’s designated dressing room. Not bothering to knock, she pushed open the door and stepped in, but instead of finding the person she wanted, she was surprised to see the room totally lifeless. Shifting into Plan B, she went back to her dressing room which was just two units away, changed out of her yukata and in ten minutes, was already in a cab heading towards somewhere in Tokyo.

It took just ten minutes for her to reach her destination. She greeted Mrs. Yoshizawa politely as she stepped into the house and was somewhat glad to know that the male authority of the house wasn’t home yet.

After having mentioned her daughter was taking a bath, Mrs. Yoshizawa excused herself to her unfinished chores in the kitchen while Rika allowed herself into Yossi’s bedroom and waited.

Another fifteen minutes passed slowly before Rika saw the door knob turned and Yossi stepping in.

Yossi paused right under the threshold. “Why are you here?” she asked.

“Why?” Rika countered. She couldn’t but notice her girlfriend looking kind of stupid with a towel draping over her wet hair.

“Yah,” Yossi said as she closed the door behind her. She glanced at the calendar on her dressing table. “Today’s not Wednesday,” she said as she walked across the room and sat down next to her girlfriend on the bed.

“I know,” Rika said. She knew what Yossi was thinking. It wasn’t Wednesday, she shouldn’t be here as she would only come over on Wednesday, just like how Yossi would go to her place only on Saturday.

“Then?” Yossi asked.

Rika didn’t feel like answering. Seeing how Yossi was doing a bad job trying to dry her own hair, she reached out for the towel and took over.

“Don’t you know you have to dry them well or you’ll catch a cold?”

Yossi knew Rika was just trying to avoid her question. She kept still and felt Rika ruffling her hair with the dry towel like she was a drenched puppy. She began to wonder what made Rika decide to come. And it dawned on her.

“I’m ok now, you know. Just muscle aches,” she said.

“Yeah right~” Rika put down her towel and tried to comb down the spiky hair with her fingers. “You were so weak just now; they have to leave you out of the games.”

“Nah, I faked it,” Yossi said. It was clearly a lie. The fact was, her forehead was getting hotter with each passing hour.

“Are you sure? All right, the nurse is leaving then.” Rika stood up to leave. But before she had the chance to carry out her threat, Yossi had pulled and pinned her down on the bed and started kissing her. She tried to push Yossi away - her initial reaction since everything happened just too suddenly. And this, of all, wasn’t the reason she was here. She wasn’t here for sex. She was here because she was worried. But judging from the force Yossi was holding her, she began to doubt if her girlfriend was really sick. And when she felt she was slowly getting aroused, she felt sicker…

As Yossi slipped a hand under her bra, Rika gave up all her internal struggles and moaned into Yossi’s mouth and felt a shiver traveled to her groin as another cold finger touched on her nipple.

Hearing the moans, Yossi could feel blood gushing up her head and her nether stirring. Rika’s cries never failed to turn her on. As for the heat on her forehead, it was definitely getting hotter.

Every undressing and exploring and savoring was done slowly. Nobody wanted to waste a moment of this unscheduled love-making. So it took longer than usual when Rika’s body finally convulsed against Yossi’s probing. And when it was over, they exchanged a deep kiss and lay down, satiated.

Weird. Yossi then thought. The sex was great, in fact, it was one of those she really enjoyed but what she couldn’t understand was that she wasn’t sweating and that was despite the fact her body was burning hot. She looked sideway at Rika, who on the contrary, was covered in sweat that were leaving sexy trails glistening down her forehead and neck. When Rika looked back, Yossi felt a tingling sensation in her nose and when she sneezed, a streak of water flowed down her cheek from her nostril, her fingers reaching out just too late to stop the flow.

Rika giggled. Now she was convinced that her lover’s really sick. And when she thought of Yossi’s charged libido, even when sick, she felt aroused again…

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