Yoshi (extras) (01)

(2006.02.21 night)

When Yossi turned on the TV set, her intention wasn’t to watch any particular show but just to add noise to her otherwise quiet bedroom. Now, sixty minutes later, she realized she hadn’t been doing anything else while her eyes remained glued to the black box that was showing a woman making advances to another woman.

The movie was called ‘Yubi’. It was directed by Seicho Matsumoto, and starred her ex-flame, whose name she could no longer bring herself to say. As an odd commercial invaded the screen, Yossi lay back on the bed and took a deep breath. She was at a loss for words…

What makes her take up this role?
She wasn’t that comfortable… touching and getting touched…

And her imagination went on a double. Now… what if she was offered the same role?

Yossi laughed. Of course she would never agree to such a role; not even with a good script. She could not imagine herself doing the same thing like in the movie. She loves to touch woman; they are soft but there was no way she was going to feel sexy touching someone double her age. Just the thought of it was revolting enough, let alone the action itself. Still she preferred younger skin, and girls who look cute and sexy, someone who’s like…


Yossi sat upright. The alarm on her face was visible.

Shucks! What the hell am I thinking?

However she could not but think again as scenes from the movie started to fill her mind. Gotchin was really attractive, and Yossi never noticed Gotchin had nice fingers until, well, that close-up in the movie.

Yossi splayed her fingers, turned her palms and observed. She liked what she saw; her fingers were long and slender and well-maintained. But when she noticed how long her nails had grown, she recalled another scene from the movie where Gotchin was trimming her nails just before sex. Now, she understood why some women had kept their nails short…

The bedroom door burst open suddenly. Throwing all thoughts aside, Yossi grabbed the remote that was luckily within reach and hit on the ‘off’ button. And when the screen flicked to blackness plunging the room into an unearthly silence, Yossi realized she might have over-reacted for a weeny bit. She looked over at her intruder and smiled. Rika stood under the threshold looking indecipherable. When Yossi saw Rika’s expression, her smile weakened and she wondered if the tautness growing in her heart had come from guilt; for having watched a lezzie movie and even fantasized about doing it, with… Yossi swallowed the lump on her throat.

Still maintaining a straight expression, Rika walked toward the bed and plopped herself right next to her girlfriend, whom, she realized, had seemed to obtain a reddish hue overnight. Resting a lazy hand on Yossi’s thigh, she asked, “What are you watching?”

Yossi had no intention to tell. And in a bid to avoid answering the question, she shifted her body slightly toward Rika and locked her arms around the body she had grown accustomed to. “Didn’t you say you aren’t coming?”

A kiss landed on her cheek, but Rika knew Yossi was just trying to avoid eye-contact. She smiled. Not that she wanted to, but she had to, so that her eyes won’t be rolling up in disbelief. She knew Yossi was never good with her acting, just that she never expected Yossi to be this lousy.

“I didn’t want to, but someone was so whinny in the phone just now…”

“Whinny? Me?” Yossi felt insulted. She never whined. “Next time, maybe, I’ll try other sounds,” she said defiantly.

“Next time?” Rika asked skeptically. Her brows arched up in such a way that it was giving Yossi some dirty thought.

“You mean now?” Yossi asked enthusiastically.

Taking Rika’s wink as a cue, Yossi released her hug and started to tickle Rika. But Yossi’s fingers had barely touched Rika when the latter jumped off the bed. She grabbed the nearest pillow and swung it at Yossi. “That hurts!”

“Your nails… let me check.”

Without giving Yossi any chance to react, Rika took both Yossi’s hands and examined.

“Hola hola~ Look!” She brought the pair of hands closer to Yossi’s face. “They’re so long.”

Before Yossi could understand the big fuss over her nails, Rika had retrieved a manicure set from the drawer and was snipping at the nails that had supposedly hurt her.

“I say don’t move.”

Yossi remained still and looked on flummoxed. Why was she getting her nails trimmed when they should be doing other things already? And the funny thing was, from the frown that was forming, Rika seemed to be taking her chore seriously as she tried to achieve a perfect arch for her fingernails.

As the cutter snipped away, Yossi could not but feel strange about the whole thing. Soft hands, intertwined fingers, beautifully arched nails… It felt like she was enacting a scene; a particular scene that aroused her senses just a while ago. And strangely too, her body was reacting to it.

She took the cutter from Rika’s hand and dropped it to the floor, and had a finger on Rika’s lips before she could say anything. From those eyes, she could see that Rika knew what she wants. As she lay Rika down on the bed, it was to say that she was not going to let this beautiful night slip away…


Feeling the muscles around her finger intensified, Yossi quickened her pace and felt Rika moaning into her mouth.

“iku… iku…” Rika groaned softly. Upon the final thrust, she climaxed and sank her teeth into her lips as her body succumbed to the waves of orgasms that were raiding her body.

As both bodies lay spent on the bed, Rika turned to look at Yossi and gently brought the hand to her mouth. “Yubi…” she whispered and kissed on the finger that smelled of her scent. Then Yossi realized that Rika must be watching a certain movie before she decided to drop by…

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