Yoshi (extras) (12)

(8th Dec 2007: In a certain training camp.)

Yossi hated ‘gasshuku’ time. It was the time when she found herself boarded up with tens other members in a relatively stupid camp and though blessed with all the basic necessities and facilities, it was still a stupid place to be in. She really hated it. Not for the rigid schedule, the tough training, the mass bunking nor the dalliance after the day. She hated it because even though they were sleeping together, they were sleeping together with five other people.

With unnecessary furniture moved to one side and futons laid, they sat around in a circle, campfire-like. Although they all had a tired day, it seemed other than herself, no one had shown any signs of languor nor needs to retire early. Everyone, including the perpetually shy Koretty, seemed to be enjoying the idle talk that was like going on for hours…

Suddenly, Shibata stood up and walked toward the door. Just when everybody was wondering what she was doing, she turned a knob on the switch just beside the door and had the lights dimmed. As the room turned almost dark now, Yossi found herself smiling again. Even Shibachan had thought it was time for bed. But how wrong she was…

“This should set the mood,” Shibata joked.

It made Yossi more peeved. She didn’t need any mood-setting for things she couldn’t put into action. She remained silent while her eyes fleeted from silhouette to silhouette, the same way conversation was passed around the room. And all the time, she realized she couldn’t bear to look at the girl seated just to her right. It would only remind her that they weren’t really going to do anything else for the night. And she felt cold…

“Now, who opened the darned windows?” Miki suddenly barked.

If Miki hadn’t spoken, Yossi would have thought it was only her feeling cold in her heart.

“Sorry!” Konno sprung up from the futon and rushed to close the sliding windows. “It was warm just now.”

As Konno resettled herself, Yossi thought she just found an opportunity. She stood up, got to the stacks of woolen quilts behind her, grabbed some and passed them around. After everyone had received it with gratitude, Yossi got back to her spot, got behind Rika and sat herself down with Rika just in front, between her legs. Then she covered them with the thick blanket. After she locked her arms around Rika’s waist, she knew her mission was accomplished.

As if knowing what was happening under the blanket, five pairs of eyes began to roll.

“A good thing the kids aren’t around to see this,” Satoda was heard saying.

“Why worry, it’s too dark to see anything anyway,” Miki said sarcastically.

“What? You mean the kids don’t know yet?” Koretty asked.

“Because they’re dense, just like you,” Miki retorted.

Laughter broke out. Everyone was reminded of the shock on Korenaga’s face back when she had heard for the first time, with her virgin ears, that her captain and Rika were actually a couple.

But Yossi didn’t quite like what she heard. “So what if they knew? It’s not like we’re having an illicit affair,” she protested and snuggled her face real close to Rika’s. When Rika returned the gesture lovingly, Koretty screamed mockingly. “Ah~ my virgin eyes!”

More raucous laughter followed. Everyone seemed to be surprised at their best player’s anomaly new found humor, not that they minded it though. Yossi wanted to protest again. However when she felt Rika tugged at her arm, she understood it as a cue to let the matter rest and remained quiet, though almost unwillingly.

Satoda saw it and quipped. “Sometimes I wonder what Rika-chan fed her with.”

JUICES, what else?” Miki said nonchalantly.

Seemingly to have understood what Miki was driving at, Shibata broke out yet again into laughter. Slowly, one by one, as the girls started to comprehend, they began to jeer and make cat calls at the loving couple in front of them. And funny though, instead of getting offended, Yossi found she was somehow getting amused and a little something started to stir inside her. Like her hands suddenly had a mind of their own, they moved and rested on the inner thighs of Rika’s and that’s when she heard a quiet gasp.

As other girls continued with their gossips, Yossi realized she wasn’t feeling that bored anymore. Not when she had Rika secured in her arms. Her teammates could entertain themselves with their prating while she would find ways to entertain herself… and her.

Just the thought alone was killing her. She knew she was clearly getting aroused and the heat emanating from her girlfriend’s body seemed to be sending out the same signal. But wanting to be sure, Yossi trailed her finger playfully along the band of the track pants when she heard Rika whispered very softly, “Not now.”

Rika should have known better; pleas of any kind would only serve to make Yossi more determined. Yossi slipped her right hand inside the pants and headed straight for Rika’s groin. With the cotton fabric still in the way, she cupped the womanly mould and massaged gently. Although she felt Rika’s hands quickly unto hers, holding her back. A few titillating rubs later, Rika’s tensed body had relaxed and lain back against hers. She knew consent was given.

As Yossi continued to caress Rika down there, her other hand had gone under Rika’s bra and was already working hard on a pair of tits and some very hardened nipples. The conversation around her became incoherent and vague. All she could hear was herself breathing hard down Rika’s neck and maybe a little moaning here and there from Rika. Since both of them were unusually quiet now, Yossi wondered if her teammates had any idea what Rika and she were doing, or rather, what she was doing to Rika, but then again, the thought that they knew, further excited her.

As Rika’s body got weaker and weaker, Yossi knew every rubs and teases were working well. As soon as she felt the dampness seeping through from the last piece of defense, she too, became very turned on and her own groin started to ache badly. She moved her hands away onto Rika’s thighs. Securing a good grip, she thrust her own hips forward. The pressure on her mould provided a moment of relief for her aching groin. But she knew the little stimulation just wasn’t enough. And Rika seemed to know it too. Before Yossi knew it, Rika’s hands had gone back to grab her on her ass and they had begun grinding each other.

As pleasure heightened, time became nonexistent and noises became muted. And when Yossi felt Rika leading her hand back to her mould, she waited no longer. She parted the panty and slid her longest finger into the wanting hole and felt warm juices - those that Miki had mentioned - gushed and coated her palm…

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