Yoshi (extras) (05)

(a certain haromoni where MM celebrated Christmas…)

“Osoi yo!” Rika grumbled the moment she sensed Yossi walking into the bedroom.

Yossi smiled back brightly. She dropped her bag on the chair and walked toward Rika, who was reading on the bed. After kissing her girlfriend on the cheek, Yossi threw herself on the bed and sighed. “I’m dead beat!”

“Tired?” Rika asked as she put down her reading material. Looking at Yossi’s tired state, she knew her girlfriend must have a hard day at work.

Yossi raised her head by placing both her palms under it. “What do you think? We were in the studio nine in the morning. And back at six again for some silly Christmas party.” She stuck out her right hand to look at the time on her wrist watch. “Look… it’s almost ten already.”

Rika gave a perfunctory nod. When she felt Yossi’s talk wasn’t going anywhere interesting, she picked up her book and returned to her reading.

“You know what we did?” Yossi asked.

The room fell silent. A few seconds later when Rika looked up to see Yossi gazing at her, she asked. “Uh, so what you girls did?”

Yossi smiled and returned to gazing at the ceiling. “We went to amusement parks~ and tata! There are roller coaster rides,” she said excitedly.

“Now, that is interesting,” said Rika, knowing well how Yossi is afraid of roller coaster rides.

“Deshou?” Yossi laughed stupidly. “But I was exempted.”

“Duh!” Rika rolled her eyes. When she returned her attention to her book, she noticed she was reading the same paragraph over and over again.

“We went to an obake house, more rides. And our team got back to studio first.”

“Ermm… that sounds really sucky,” Rika said. She flipped the pages and realized there were two pages more before she would finish the chapter.

“Actually we cheated,” Yossi laughed. “We didn’t complete our mission. But who cares anyway, our group is nothing but a group of boring people. Our scenes will be cut anyway so I don’t see the point of playing along.”

Rika looked up. “Boring people?”

“Yeah. Reina, Non and…” Yossi tried to think hard, “Yah, Mikitty.”

Rika laughed hearing the names. “You should thank God Gakisan’s not in your group.”

Yossi squinted at Rika. “Well, she still managed to piss me off.”

“How?” Rika asked and closed her book. She sat up straight. If her hunch was right, she was about to hear some juicy details and she just loves gossips.

“You know, the usual stuffs… talking too much and over-reacting.”

“That’s all?” Rika couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Seemingly to miss the expression on Rika, Yossi continued. “We sent an email to them saying that we were heading back first, but when they got back, she started making a big fuss in front of the camera, ‘You guys left half way is it? You mean you guys left half way right?’” Yossi rolled her eyes. “Isn’t that irritating?”

Rika nodded. She could so imagine Gakisan saying that in the sharp voice of hers.

“That’s what I think. And I thought we had made ourselves clear in the email. So I asked her what’s that email for and…” Yossi paused for a little drama. “the staffs cracked up silly too.”

Rika laughed and patted on Yossi’s head. “Good one.”

A smirk grew on Yossi. She knew Rika never really liked Risa, for the same reasons why she sometimes couldn’t stand Risa. The reaction queen was just full of irrelevant comments and unnecessary action whenever they were doing recordings; all for the sake of extra camera footage. And now Rika should be happy to know that Risa was made to look stupid on TV.

“So, how are you going to reward me? A massage? My shoulders are aching.”

Rika didn’t mind but Yossi was smelling after a day’s work, so she asked Yossi to take a bath first. Taking that as a ‘Yes”, Yossi jumped from the bed and scrambled toward the bathroom. She knew she had to be quick, the faster she’s done with her bathing, the sooner she could enjoy Rika’s sensual massages.

And while Yossi was away in the bathroom, Rika’s cell phone rang. She picked it up after seeing Tsuji’s name on the screen and spoke. “Non?”

“Un, where are you now?” the cutesy voice on the other end asked.
“At Yossi’s place.”
“Ah, Yotchan’s back already. I thought they were having some party?”
“They were. She just came back, dead tired.”
“Tired? How can it be? She wasn’t even in the rides. The most she did was to go into the obake house. And even for that, she cheated, you know?”
“Really?” Rika asked. She knows Yossi is naughty at times, besides she already heard it from Yossi just now.
“Actually it’s just Reina and her, but she dragged Mikitty and me along.”
“She dragged what? Obake house? Can’t be… She is NOT afraid of obake houses…”
“Of course she’s not. Precisely why. She said since she would be all calm, the crew would have nothing to film, so she got me and Mikitty to go along.”

Rika heard Tsuji laughed.

“And I always think Mikitty is brave but I am soooo wrong. She so bloody freaked out, grabbing onto Yossi like a koala bear. Man, she held on so tight I doubt water could seep through...”

Rika could pay no more attention to the rest of Tsuji’s babbling as her mind began to wonder… and was more than glad when the latter finally hung up.


“A~~ kimochi iiIIIII” Yossi swooned as Rika’s fingers expertly rubbed on the acupoints on her shoulders. “What about here?” Yossi pointed to her lower back while she remained chest down on the bed. Her face half buried in a puffed up pillow.

“Sure.” Rika tried to sound nonchalant. She shifted down and sat straddled with Yossi’s thighs in-between her legs. Placing her hands on Yossi’s back for mild support, she pressed lightly and asked. “Here?”

Yossi nodded and her reply turned out muffled against the pillow.

After lifting the shirt to expose Yossi’s back and unhooking the restrain at the back, Rika began to rub on the toned muscles while working her way up along the spine. Yossi let out a satisfied cry. When Rika’s fingers brushed against the sides of her breast sometimes, Yossi could felt her groin beginning to stir. She knew she’s getting turned on.

“So, which is better?” Rika asked.

Yossi pondered at what she thought was a cheeky question. Of course, she would prefer the massage to be somewhere else, like in front or somewhere between her inner thighs…

“Mikitty’s bear hug or mine?” Rika suddenly squeezed her fingers together and pinched hard.

Feeling both her sides in sudden pain, Yossi swore she had used up all her will to stop herself from crying out loud. She shot her head back, but only to see her girlfriend staring menacingly at her…

“Non just called me,” Rika seethed.

And Yossi finally got it…

Damn! Wait till I get my hands on the diarrhoea-mouthed girl.

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