Yoshi (extras) (18)

“What do I exactly see in YOU!
You are the most unromantic person,
You sleep with your socks on,
You never bathe,
You eat in your bed,
Your jokes are lame,
You dig your nose AND
You’re getting FATTER EVERYDAY!!!”


Yossi sprung upright.

“What’s it?” a blurry voice asked.

Yossi looked at the bleary-eyed figure who was stirring beside her, and felt a never-before sense of relief wash over her body.

“Nothing, I think I just had the worst nightmare.”


Yoshi (extras) (17)

hai, ichi ni san.”


ii, ato.”


hai, hai, ii yo. motto.”


ano Ishikawa-san motto dake. hai, hai.”


ii yo, ii yo. Ishikawa-san, a little more to your right please? Your lips.”

Ishikawa stepped back from her partner and raised a hand at the photographer. “Wait a minute, do we have to do this?”

The reaction from Yoshizawa was immediate; she stepped away too, her frown almost evident.

“Just a close shot. onegai?” the photographer said.

When Ishikawa looked at Yoshizawa, a thousand thoughts went through her mind. She understood that frown. She countered it with one of her own but knew she was losing the frowning battle; no one could see her brows under those mesh.

“Can’t you be a little more professional and get it done?” Yoshizawa rebuked. After giving a stare at Ishikawa, she resumed her position, clicking her tongue loudly.

Everyone in the studio could see Ishikawa giving Yoshizawa a baleful look before she got behind Yoshizawa and had their face close together. When Yoshizawa turned her face slightly toward her, she brought her chin closer, holding her breath.

hai, kono kanji.”


ano Yoshizawa-san, you’re frowning. You need to look neutral, be cool about it.”

Yoshizawa could hear someone snort. She tried to relax the muscles around her temple and felt her irritation growing with every second.

“I need two shots, quick ones. Ishikawa-san, First, I want you to look at the camera, then another at the lips.”



They repelled like magnet of the same poles. Both started toward different corners of the room where a seat and a bottle of mineral water on a table await them. And both had the same thoughts in their mind:

When is this darned thing going to end?

An AD approached Ishikawa and explained what the next series of shots would be. Ishikawa listened to every word with growing contempt. Her eye caught Yoshizawa talking to another AD, and based on the disdainful look, she knew Yoshizawa was equally revolted by the idea.

One particular detail she just heard irked her. “Wait, why must we pull each other’s hair? Why can’t I just pull her hair? Why must I let her pull my hair? I’m supposed to be Angry, the angry one, not her.”

“Err… I’m not sure about this. I was told by the director to tell you this.”

When she saw the chair that was moved to the middle of the set, she said again. “Isn’t there a bigger chair? I’m not going to share the chair with her. That chair is so small. I’m not sitting on her lap.”

“Err… You won’t be sitting in her lap. She’ll sit behind while you occupy the front of the seat. The width looks narrow but it’s deep enough—more than enough space, minimum contact.”

When the AD walked away to leave Ishikawa alone, he couldn’t be more confused. He stood in the dimmest corner of the studio, joined soon by his colleague who had accomplished the same mission with Yoshizawa.

“Girls, get ready,” the photographer called out.

The two AD remained silent as they watched how the girls move torpidly to the chair while avoiding eye-contact at all costs. The men gave each other a bemused look. Everything they had seen today—now—was contrary to what they had heard. It was clear that the girls hate each other’s guts.

The taller of the two men spoke, “I’m not gonna believe any word that you say anymore.”

“Hey, where did that come from?”

He leaned forward and whispered. “You told me they are an item. rezu. Together, as in with each other.”


“Tell me, do they look like it now?”

It took some while for the shorter man to reply. “No, I don’t think so— Eeww~ did you see how she was pulling her just now?”

“Do they hate each other?”

“No way, they are supposed to be close, they are both from momusu.”

“That’s what makes you think so?”

“Well… I heard they are close.”

“Heard? From the same source again? How long have you been in this line? Don’t you know that the real truth always differs?”

“I don’t know…”

“Damn. I promised them some big scoop. To think I was all excited when I knew I was going to be involved in this. What am I going to tell them now? It’s all your fault.”

“But— Ouch~ that must have hurt…”

They broke from their conversation and watched the girls wrestle each other with increased intensity, presumably spurred on by their inherent dislike for each other.

When the photographer was satisfied with his work and finally called it a day, Yoshizawa and Ishikawa left the place separately without talking to each other, and the two men couldn’t be more sure of something, not to mention at the same time greatly disappointed that they had just failed to earn themselves a few extra bucks from uncovering some scoop.


“Rika-chan! Come here quick!”

A lazy head peeped out from behind the door frame of the bathroom. “nani?”

“Come here.”

She wasn’t wearing her contacts and hadn’t seen Yossi gaping, which would surely get her out of the bathroom quicker. She was faster already; at least she hadn’t bothered to waste time in getting a towel to cover her modesty. She propped down beside Yossi in the bed and felt a tingle through her skin from contact with the cool sheets. A particular somewhere was hardening without her knowledge; the cool air blowing from the air-con not helping.

“Did you read this?” Yossi pointed to a line on the stack of stapled papers she was holding. When she looked up, she then realized Rika was stark-naked.

“No. What did it say?”

“It says…”

A hand went straight for Rika’s chest and cupped her right breast. It was quickly slapped away.

“Is that one of your silly antics to get me out here so that you can start groping me?”

Yossi laughed. “I just can’t help it. And hey!” she asked, after noticing the standing nipples. “What have you been doing in there?”


“You’re getting excited.”

Rika screamed. “Because you just touched me there!”

Yossi grinned. “I’m just getting my revenge in advance.”

Rika felt her patience really running out. “What are you saying?”

A hand went around her neck, and she felt herself pulled closer to Yossi. Then the papers were shown in her face, within reading distance. She started to read the text where Yossi had pointed out before…

But she wasn't reading, her mind was thinking why did she have to do this now? She's already all tired from the photo shoots today, made worse by the fact that they constantly had to put on a show... a tiring show...

Then her eyes read something interesting...

one of the scenes for tomorrow’s promotional video filming requires her to…

“WHAT!” (more...)