Yoshi (extras) (18)

“What do I exactly see in YOU!
You are the most unromantic person,
You sleep with your socks on,
You never bathe,
You eat in your bed,
Your jokes are lame,
You dig your nose AND
You’re getting FATTER EVERYDAY!!!”


Yossi sprung upright.

“What’s it?” a blurry voice asked.

Yossi looked at the bleary-eyed figure who was stirring beside her, and felt a never-before sense of relief wash over her body.

“Nothing, I think I just had the worst nightmare.”


wings4dreams said...

Hahaha!! nightmare indeed! Poor Yossy, lol. I bet Rika would be very amused to know what the contents of that nightmare was!

kRisZ said...


cogi_yoshi said...

Ahahaha.... Yossie's past keeps hunting her in a 'nightmare' form...XD

Anonymous said...

that was funny...specialy the ``you are getting fatter everyday´´ part LMAO
the only sad thing --> is too short lol,damn,I like your ishiyoshi fics

katatsumuri said...

Haha. I just feel like writing this when I see Yossi in her most recent tv show.