Yoshi (extras) (15)

“Are you sure that’s the reason it won’t play?”

“Yep. Yep,” Yossi said. She had gotten up from the couch and was squatting in front of the TV console. She pulled the DVD player out, looked behind its back and saw a dozen of metal sockets sticking out from the panel where only a cable with yellow, red and white pins, was plugged in. “Ermm…” she said unconsciously, not realizing the light around her had dimmed when Rika came forward.

“Maybe we should just forget it?” Rika said, placing a hand on Yossi’s shoulder. She looked beseechingly at Yossi. She didn’t mind to miss the movie even though Yossi had it planned for days. Besides, the night’s still young and there were so many other things they could do - like snuggling together to watch local TV shows or sharing a booze over a card game or thrashing each other out (well, more likely it’s her thrashing Yossi out) on a Wii tennis game or retreating into the bedroom for some other activities…

Yossi looked up. “But I really want you to watch this.” As a bead of sweat treaded down Yossi’s forehead, Rika looked up at the air-conditioning unit and wondered if the unit was not working but when she saw the pair of louvers moving up and down and left and right, she guessed Yossi was perhaps just being frustrated or nervous. She wiped the sweat away with the base of her thumb, and something struck her…

“Now… now… now…” she stood back and waved her index finger. “It’s not PORN right?”

When Yossi shot back a look that was filled with unabashed guilt and surprise, Rika knew at once her guess was correct. Her stare quickly became a menacing one. “No~ no~ no~” she waved her finger fanatically and disapprovingly.

Rika shook her head. What had gotten into her girlfriend? Shouldn’t Yossi have known better? They have talked about it and she had told Yossi how she disliked porn. She didn’t like Japanese porn where the AV actresses were forever shouting ‘yamete’ when their faces were clearly showing their pleasures as the hideous male anatomy banged in and out of their dripping holes. Foreign porn wasn't spared. Rika disliked them too. She hated it for the wanton look on the European girls and the plain fact that they all had giant synthetic boobs that simply wouldn't sag even when they were lying down. She called it ‘Laughably pseudo’.
In short, Rika simply resented porn of all sorts.

Yossi stood up. “No~ no~ no~ This one has no guys,” she tried to explain.

“No guys!!!”

Now, it only made Rika feel all the more disgusted. Of all the porn produced in this world, Rika hates Japanese lesbian porn the most. Rika felt there was never a good lesbian porn, not when she knew the actresses are in fact straight women posing to be lesbians, who make such clumsy and tasteless love to each other that it becomes very obvious that the film is only made for the male audience. If you are wondering how Rika knows, it is because every love-making scene will have these women groaning and moaning almost unnaturally while trying to drown each other with their spittle or to squeeze whatever milk that may be in those breasts. And almost inevitably, it will then transpire into them trying to stuff each other out with every vegetable they could find in their refrigerators or every longish object that is forever lying conveniently around.

She remembered she was once tricked into watching a scene where the women were trying to use, what they think was an interesting combination of, white furry bird feathers (read: bird) and black slimy squids which had freaked her out so badly that she demanded Yossi to turn off the set immediately. That night, she warned Yossi never to do that to her (not that Yossi had never tried to) and even refused to let Yossi touch her, and for the many days to come, until Yossi finally surrendered and bought her the ladies Rolex watch she always wanted. Yossi had, till this day, fondly called it ‘blackmail’.

Now, it seemed to Rika that her adamant lover still hadn’t learnt her lesson…

“It’s a film by Viku Tomasu,” Yossi said, “Maichin says he’s a good lesbian-movie director. The actresses are real lesbians and every scene is beautiful unlike… you know,” she shrugged her shoulders and looked sheepishly at Rika.

“Wait a minute, how come Mai-chin knows?” Rika asked skeptically. She just found another reason to be angry with Yossi. Why was Yossi and Maichin discussing porn? Under what circumstances? Were they talking about women too? Other women? However Rika found that she was angry for this other reason - that now Maichin must have thought she liked porn too. Feeling her anger surged, Rika grabbed a cushion from the couch and threw it.

Yossi caught the flying cushion easily. And she did it with such flair (from the frequent practice she was subjected to) that she even did a pirouette on the spot. And when she looked at Rika, she tried her best not to appear smirking, lest it upset Rika further.

Rika threw her arms in resignation and plopped down on the couch. A pout slowly worked its way to her lips.

Yossi quickly joined Rika on the couch. “Now~ now~ what did I just do wrong?” she asked as she placed a coaxing arm around Rika.

Rika stared back angrily. The moment she saw a pair of supplicating eyes – the way Yossi had always look when she knew Rika was being unreasonable again – looking at her, her stance softened slightly. Yossi was right. What had she done wrong? She had merely wanted to watch a porn movie (which she often did so pathetically alone) and had only wanted Rika to watch it because someone had told her how different it was from all other porns.

Then Rika remembered. She was angry not because Yossi had forced her to watch porn but because Yossi had painted a wrong image of her in front of Maichin. And of all people, Maichin! Everyone knows how blabber-mouthed Mai-chin can be sometimes. Rika could feel herself sweating as she imagined the outcome if Mai-chin slipped and told this in their radio show. The repercussion... and her fan’s reaction...


Rika slapped hard on Yossi’s thigh. “Why must you tell Maichin I like hentai?”

“No I didn’t!” Yossi denied quickly. Her bare skin stung where Rika had struck but it wasn’t bothering her the most right now. She tightened her hug around Rika.

“When I’m not hentai at all.”

“Yeah, I know,” Yossi said as she rubbed her hand consolingly up and down Rika’s arm. Hearing the crack in Rika’s voice, she knew how Rika hated being maligned.

“But you told her I like hentai…”

“I didn’t, really.” Yossi reached out to hold Rika’s hand which was resting on her thigh and had their fingers intertwined. She knew Rika was getting really upset, and it was something she didn’t like to see happen.

“But you know that I don’t like hentai?”

“Yeah, I know. Of course I know.” Yossi leaned and rubbed heads with her sulking girlfriend and felt Rika snuggling into very crook and cranny under her arm.

“So you know I’m not hentai?”

From the tone Yossi could sense that Rika was feeling better already. “Of course I know,” she assured.

Seeing how the area on Yossi's snow white skin had turned red from the slap, Rika spread her palm and started to rub gently on it. “But Mai-chin thinks I am.”

Yossi rolled her eyes. “No, she doesn’t.”

"When she thinks I’m, you didn’t tell her I’m not when you know I’m not the moment she thinks I’m?”

Usually, no one could ever understand Rika when she’s being paranoid, but Yossi always did. “No,” she explained patiently. “I didn’t tell her because I don’t think she thinks you’re hentai.”

“But she knows you’re hentai, right?”

“Yeah, she knows, I think...” But isn’t it obvious? Yossi thought.

“Then she’ll think I’m hentai too.”

“That I don’t think so…”

“You don’t think so?” Rika sat upright and eyed Yossi. “Now you said you don’t think so?”

Yossi knew she was trapped. She gave a titter and looked at Rika, and when she realized how near and enticing Rika’s lips were, she leaned forward to kiss it and somehow hoped the kiss could expiate for everything.

But their kiss lasted no longer than a peck. Rika pulled her face away. “But I’m not hentai!”

“Now you are.”

“I’M NOT!” Rika insisted.

Yossi laughed. “Look where your hands are.”

Rika followed Yossi’s vision to where her hand was. When she couldn’t explain why her hand had gone in-between Yossi’s thighs and was caressing, she quickly withdrew it and giggled. Maybe Yossi was right about her being hentai, but hey! Even if she was, she was only hentai for this one person in this entire world.

Yossi laughed again. Not that she had minded. In fact, she even kind of regretted telling Rika. She was just getting into the mood. She leaned forward for another kiss, and this time, she found Rika just as eager. But before her hand could snake its way up from under Rika’s t-shirt, Rika broke the kiss for the second time and quickly pulled Yossi’s hand out. “Didn’t you say the DVD is good?”

Taken aback, Yossi looked at Rika who was trying to look as innocent as possible and yet whose lips had curved into a mischievous grin. And there’s something about the grin which Yossi just couldn’t put it. It was neither the cheeky grin that Rika had when she was game for something nor the dirty grin when she had some dirty thoughts. It was more a grin she had when she’s planning something and knowing that she was on her way to getting it. And seeing how hard Rika was actually trying to hide it, Yossi couldn’t be more suspicious. She knew Rika just too well.

Rika should know that she never have to plan to have Yossi make love to her, since Yossi never denies Rika of one. And even if they were about to have sex soon, Rika needn’t look so happy. And that was besides the fact that Rika would seldom look this happy when they were about to make love. So just what was Rika up to? Yossi didn’t know. She couldn’t think of other reasons other than the fact that maybe Rika just wanted more arousal.

“But it won’t play right?” Yossi said tentatively. At the same time, she tried to hide her frustration on why Rika had insisted on wasting time when both of them were clearly aroused now?

“Well.” Rika cleared her throat. “I was playing Wii this afternoon…” she didn’t try to complete her sentence. She guessed Yossi would have known by now what had happened, though she did feel bad about not showing any remorse at all in her speech.

Yossi understood it clearly. She rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue disapprovingly as she got up. The moment she did the necessary arrangements at the back, the black TV screen flicked back to life. But since the movie was playing all the time, sounds of moans and groans instantly filled the room and Rika found herself hurrying for the remote control to have the TV volume lowered. But she kept her eyes away. She really didn’t like porn.

But she began to peep. She couldn’t help it when the soft moaning sounds sounded so different from those she detested.

The moving picture of two long-haired women partially undressed - one blonde, lying down on the bed and one brunette, straddling the blonde - burned her retinas and aroused her senses. She couldn’t help but think how beautiful they looked humping each other. To her, it was more an art than cheap pornography. And the fact that they were still in their undies made Rika feel all the more turned on. She was suddenly reminded of the times when Yossi was touching her behind some fabric - rough cotton bra or soft silky undies. How it gave her different sensations every time; how it was always satisfying and yet never really enough…

How those women must be feeling the same pleasures right now…

Rika felt her chest had swelled and her nether was getting damp. After Yossi had gotten up to switch off the lights, leaving only the lights from the TV as illumination, she found herself nestling once again under those comforting arms when Yossi rejoined her. She found a comfy spot on Yossi’s shoulder and rested her head on it. All the while, her eyes had never left the screen. She knew well enough where all these would be leading them later to, but right now, she just wanted to watch two women make love to each other, in a way she and Yossi never did…

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