Yoshi (extras) (16)

(This is what happens when they watched too much DVDs together…Stein… I said Stein…)

“Why is that you never make any noise when we’re making love?”

Yossi hushed loudly. A silent rictus of shock began to show on her face. She looked around frantically. What had gotten into Rika and why had she asked such a question and in such a place? And luckily for them, the cold storage alley was practically lifeless except for an elderly woman who was standing ten metres away, peering at her bag of carrots and appearing not to have heard the atrocious question.

Yossi raised her hand to feel Rika’s forehead with the back of it.

“I’m not sick!” Rika answered loudly.

The elderly woman looked up this time and gave a disapproving frown. Yossi wanted to hush Rika again but instantly changed her mind when she saw another intimidating frown.

“Now… now…” Yossi pushed the shopping trolley and tried to lead them away from the only listening ear within distance. “Should we get more milk?” she said while her eyes scanned through the varieties of milk displayed neatly on the shelves of the cooler.

Rika stopped in her track. “But why?”

Yossi smiled back awkwardly. She knew Rika was still waiting for her answer but she really didn’t like the idea of answering a very private question in a very public place. She made a motion to move further down the aisle but when Rika just stayed put, she backtracked slowly, pulling the trolley along until she was beside Rika again. “What was it again?” she asked, pretending not to have heard the question just now.

Rika crossed her arms across her chest. “I SAID you never make any noise when we’re making love,” she said in a tone which was just too loud for Yossi’s comfort. “And I never know if you’re enjoying it.”

Yossi cleared her throat.

“And when I go down on you—”

Yossi began coughing loudly, very very loudly.

However Rika continued. “I don’t even know if you like it because you’re so quiet.”

“Yah…” Yossi stopped coughing and looked behind and saw the elderly woman had somehow inched closer.

“You see, I make noise. In fact I make a lot of noise and you know I’m enjoying it and you’re doing it right. But…” Rika’s voice changed into a resigned tone. “Maybe you don’t like having sex with me?”

“No. I mean NO.” After the initial shout, Yossi quickly lowered her voice into a soft whisper, “I love having sex with you.” She hesitated on putting an assuring arm around her beloved girlfriend but finally refrained from doing so because she knew someone right behind them was watching...

“Then why aren’t you making any noise?” Rika fretted.

“Because…” Yossi slowly swallowed the lump stuck in her throat. “I…” Her eyes fleeted around and when she caught Rika’s overwhelming stance again, her mind went into a blank. She realized she hadn’t really got an answer.

“Alright!” You’re not touching me until you learned to talk,” Rika said and stormed off.


firemore said...

lol poor yossie, you're in big trouble now

kRisZ said...

sounds familiar XDDD KJS

haruchan said...

i can't wait for Yossie's answer. cuz i don't make too much sound myself. i don't know what is my reason. shy? i'll be doomed if i were to be asked this question.

firemore said...

hm..do we have to make sound in order to show that we're enjoying it( sorry im inexperience)

kRisZ said...


It really depends, ummm some like it to be ‘wild and loud’ and some ‘gentle and quiet’, It’s your preference. But I think there are people who like both. Just like in music, you love mellow but sometimes you want to hear hard rock. Kinda hard to explain XDD You’ll know when you get there

firemore said...


haha thanks for your explanation, i think i get it now