If... (04)

“Papa, we should call in the authorities.”
“No. We’ll wait and see.”
“How can we? We don’t know her at all, and she’s not telling. What if she’s bad? Someone who screwed up while trying to smuggle herself away? No proper person would lie out there, you know that!”
“She looks harmless. And she doesn’t remember a thing. Pitiful I would say.”
“She might be faking it.”
“No, not from the looks of it.”
“Papa, you can’t be sure. Crooks don’t have the word ‘I’m bad’ engraved on their foreheads.”
“See, you hesitate now. I’ll call them.”
“No, wait.”
“Look papa. If she’s good, they will help get her back to where she’s from. We will be doing her a great favour.”
“I know. It’s just that…”
“Just what?”
“Just that since your mother passed away, I’ve never seen Rika look the way she did when she brought the lady back. I am thinking if she could help your sister, then I want her to stay…”


sei said...

Uwaa, K...Kata-san? o.o

katatsumuri said...

Yes, it's me.
Long time eh?