Till then... Chapter Two - I

Gotou sat solemnly in a cushioned foldable metal chair in a dim quiet corner of an otherwise stuffy and noisy film-set studio. The air in the studio was getting suffocating, as was the air in her chest. Moments ago, she had turned down Natsumi’s offer of a mini battery-operated fan, and it wasn’t that she didn’t need it, she just didn’t have the mood to use it. Natsumi had walked off looking rather rejected, but if she had been more observant, she would understand that the turning down of her good gesture had nothing to do with the little bicker that happened among senior and junior members this morning, but more with what’s happening in another part of the studio right now.

watashi otoko da ze.

watashi otoko da ze,” Ishikawa mimicked.

chigau anta wa onna deshou?”

watashi otoko da ze,” Ishikawa continued as she looked at the camera, paying no heed to Yoshizawa, who decided that she had enough.

kanojo boshuu chuu… please apply here,” Yoshizawa stepped forward and spoke into the camera, and made a gesture with her finger pointing down marking a line as if knowing that wordings would later be added to the footage during editing. And this time, her little gesture seemed to garner the much-needed attention from Ishikawa.

“Wait, what about me then?” Ishikawa protested.

“Don’t listen to her,” Yoshizawa continued while still looking at the camera. “She’s just a friend,” she said seriously.

“Yossi, I thought we’re always raburabu together?” Ishikawa pouted her lips as she pulled Yoshizawa by the arm and swung it side to side. There was nothing else Yoshizawa could do when Ishikawa had turned cute and cherubic.

“Oh mine,” she cooed as she looked into those black lovely eyes and couldn’t help but give Ishikawa a hug, who let out soft screams of delight.

Back in the dim corner, someone felt a tight grip seizing her chest…

Yoshizawa looked around the studio and could not find Gotou. It seemed to her that Gotou had just disappeared into thin air as soon as the filming had ended. After taking a double check, she was quite convinced that her friend had indeed vanished, but to where? When everybody else, Yoshizawa counted, was still in the studio.

“Yossi?” Ishikawa, who had made herself visible in front of Yoshizawa, said. “Let’s go shopping later.”


“Come on, you had turned me down yesterday, running off just like that even though we were supposed to go out together.”

If Ishikawa hadn’t reminded her, Yoshizawa might have felt better. She stood there mulling, thousand thoughts spinning through her head; well actually, there’s only one thought: where’s Gotou?

“I don’t care,” Ishikawa said as she pulled Yoshizawa along toward the exit. Left with no choice, Yoshizawa could only follow.


cogi_yoshi said...

OOHHHH!!!! Ahahaha... Sorry.. I'm slow sometimes...So that's why there's no "I Wish" scene before..You dissected each chapter (did I use the correct word?LOL) in to smaller parts... CooL! You expanded the POV's this time...I really want to see how Yossi and Maki's relationship will turn out, now that you're carefully elaborating each scenes... writing out some missed points in the first version... Gaaahh!!! This is too much!!! can't stop thinking about that sleep over scene in Maki's house...XD

katatsumuri said...

That sleepover scene? Man, you're already putting pressure on me. Haha. My schedule's helter-skelter now, but I told myself I need to re-write everything - yes, every piece of all my works - so, hopefully... yeah. >_<

An said...

Katastumuri, are you going to continue rewriting or have you decided to discontinue???

I'm a very new IshiYoshi fan here, and this place has had me mesmerised for the last couple of days while I've gone through its contents.

I love the way you've portrayed IshiYoshi. My favourites so far have been some of the Yossie (extras). xD

I really do hope you continue, but if not, that's fine too. It's understandable how busy people are these days, and the fact that people do move on... amongst this sea of TakaGaki fics (and so on and so forth), I'm so glad to have stumbled across this blog.

You've really made my day. No, make that month.

Thank you for sharing these stories. I'll hold them close to my heart.