Till then... Chapter One - II

In the noisy and crammed gakuya, Ishikawa Rika, who together with Yoshizawa, Tsuji and Kago had made up the four members of the fourth generation girls that was added to Morning Musume, stuffed her damp towel into her voluminous bag, looked around her makeup desk, satisfied that she had left nothing behind, and zipped up her bag. She turned to Yoshizawa and asked: “So Yocchan, where are we going to later? Dinner first then shopping or shopping first then dinner?”

The shocked expression on Yoshizawa when she looked up was evident. “What?” she asked.

“I just asked you ‘where are we going to later?’”

Yoshizawa’s eyes widened considerably, and from the look alone, Ishikawa knew that her friend must have forgotten about their yakusoku. “Jeez! You HAVE forgotten about it right?”

If Yoshizawa had tried to feign it, she had done a bad job. Oh shit… she hissed. And almost instinctively, she seemed to remember something else and quickly turned to look left, where Gotou’s makeup desk was, and saw, to her surprise, Gotou zipping up her bag with such force that she wondered if the zip could be broken. And before Yoshizawa could decipher what had happened, Gotou swung her bag around her shoulder and strode out of the room.

Now, if anyone would to ask Yoshizawa to explain Gotou’s sudden weird behavior, Yoshizawa would have guessed that Gotou must have overheard her conversation with Ishikawa; although that would be the last thing she hoped. She looked around the room again for Yasuda Kei, the other person she was supposed to go out with, and found herself somehow glad when she failed to see the latter around. Maybe Gotchan’s in a hurry to meet Kei-chan… maybe Kei-chan’s waiting for her at the lobby…

“Great! Just great!” Rika sighed. She picked up her bag, ready to leave, too, and this time she was heading right home instead of going out to have some fun.

“No, wait!” Yoshizawa called out. “I do remember,” she said, smiling. “I do.” She took a back step and sat in her chair, feeling her weight sinking into the soft cushion. She felt the same similar feeling in her heart. Well, she only had herself to blame for the double-date: if only she wasn’t this forgetful.


cogi_yoshi said...

Cool!!! (even though there's no 'I Wish' scene there)

Uhhm... Was Gotou pissed off because Yossie promised that she will go out with her and Kei in the first place before Rika? Or Maki was pissed because it was Rika.. Well, I hope you get what I mean by that... XD

sei said...

I'm glad to see that you're still continuing, Kata-san! I remember reading the original version of this one, and I think that this one is better. It's "smoother" to read. I'll continue to support you! :)

katatsumuri said...

Yes, I'm still around and still doing things I've been doing for the past three years, except now at a slower pace. =)
Thanks cogi and sei, for still being around when everybody else seems to stop caring (about 14?4) anymore.
I have a hunch that the day is near when they will make it official, but it could be either way though... >_<

cogi_yoshi said...

ahahaha..I'll always be around. After all, you're my favorite author...and I think one of the reasons who made me write Momusu fics in public. (coz you made this blog private before and I JUST have to read your fics so I had to make a blog...and thus, my fic blog was born..LOL)
Hmmm, I don't think they stopped caring, I bet it's more of they were distracted. They tend to move with the flow and with the current line up, than to stick at the old ones. (I'm guilty with that because of TanaKame but still, my OTL is Ishiyoshi)XD

Uhh, what official? I don't get it..Sorry...slow..XD

katatsumuri said...

I like your writing too, because you sure can write sweet mushy stuffs, and light-hearted humour.

The 'official' question, well, just forget it. Sometimes, I say things I don't know why I say them. =))