It took years (03)

(14th February - Part 1)

As Rika looked toward the bench after scoring Yossi felt the same inexplicable feeling inside her manifesting. She grinned back; a smile which said ‘well done’. When the practice team on the court resumed play, she was drawn back into her thoughts, staring into space, her mind thinking…

It had almost been a month since that faithful day, and never a day passed without her recalling what had happened. A big question still lingered: had Rika read it?

If Rika had read it, why had she not said anything at all? Or acted in anyway? Or at least showed a hint how she had felt about the heart baring note?

Still, they had chatted and laughed; still, they had met for meals. Everything looked normal, but with only one difference—she wasn’t wearing the present she had given her.

Perhaps she had done wrong by crossing the friendship border… Maybe Rika’s indifference was her subtle way of rejecting her. Maybe Rika, being a kind and sensitive girl, had had no heart to turn her down and had chosen to act ignorant.

But Yossi hated it. She wanted a definite answer even if that was the truth. She didn’t need Rika’s compassion. She didn’t care about being hurt by the rejection. She badly needed an answer. It could be a simple nod or a shake of the head—or anything. Because everything-anything-would beat the uncertainty she was feeling, that was festering and eating her sanity. She needed a cue… a nudge for her to get on with her life.

Yossi’s eyes fell back on the petit girl who was running effortlessly around the court. She wondered how the girlish smile seemed perpetually carved on that flawless face. Once again, she felt her heart drawn toward the ground.

Perhaps this is what she wants…

There was a loud whistle, and people gathered around. A few rhythmic claps of the hands signaled the end of the day’s futsal training, and the beginning of just another day of no activity for Yossi…


TMR said...

Wear it...!!!
Thank you for always updating!

Japanime1 said...

LOL@ tmr!!, "Wear it...!!!" XDD I totally agree.
THANKS again for the update Kata! But awww Yocchan... wow a month and no definite answer...we'll know soon I guess? Keep up the great work!(^^)b

GenX said...

???????? a month later??!!! Oh well, Yossy has been patient, I always have admired the patient people, really, I can't wait for anyone more than only 30 minutes xD and that always gives me problems
Anyways, I hope you keep working in this, I want to know Rika's answer if she decides give it. ¡Ánimo!

kRisZ said...

omg! Rika forgot to read it? XD

Len said...

being Rika it's likely that she forgot to read it XD
or.. she read it and need some time to think about her answer..
I want to know it too!

wings4dreams said...

Rika's casualness is suspicious, If she read the letter and she liked Yossy back then there would be some awkwardness, but if she read it and didn't llke Yossy back...there would still be akwarness, right?

perhaps Rika likes that fact she's driving Yossy crazy...

Me thinks there maybe a confrontation coming up, when Yossy's patience runs out!

katatsumuri said...

tmr, and thank you for always reading :)

genx, it's coming to a month, so not really that long =P

Krisz, Rika didn't forget to read the card. She needs time to think.
Just like Len said.

Most logical thinking you have there, Len.

And wings4dreams, you have to admire Rika's indifference. I always see her as a composed person which is why she always appears as such in my fics. ^^