It took years (01)

(18th January)

‘Just wondering…’

‘What’s it?’


‘What about tomorrow?’ Rika looked up, a smirk beginning to form on her lips. ‘Are you going to tell me you’re nervous about tomorrow?’

Yossi rolled her eyes. ‘Of course not. I’m just wondering what your plans are for tomorrow?’

‘Have you forgotten we have 2 shows tomorrow?’

‘Yeah, silly me…” Yossi laughed, and said no more.


young-link107 said...

cool xtra chapter, i just knew you couldnt leave this story alone

steph said...

hahaha i totally understand how miki feels!!! nice chapter..

kagenuma said...

I dont know this game....Big2? whats that? But the only thing what I got is that Yossi won? Heee really special chapter. Are you a good card player?

katatsumuri said...

Big2 is card game which is quite popular in Asia, the motive of the game is to clear out all the cards in your hands.

Are you a good card player? >> No. my luck sucks, always end up with lousy hand. haha.

hitomikun said...

two is the highest in the cards? sounds like our local card game too. ^^

haha poor miki. ^^

KuS-KuS said...

Oh yeah, here we got something alike too, we call it "Crap eater" xD
The chapter/extra/whatever was funny, but I felt a little sorry for Miki when reading it was her b-day celebration xD

kagenuma said...

oh....I dont play a card games so I dont know a lot....hehe.But I asked some friends and now I know...I already played it in the past but I didnt know that its called Big2.but its not that popular so I forgot the rules.....