akai nikkichou: 15th October 2009

(author's note: not for innocent eyes, I mean it.)

Lazy, talk about being lazy. Yes, almost everyone knows how lazy she can really be. There are times you even hear her admitting it on TV and radio or event shows that she can be really really lazy - and let me tell you, she ain’t lying about it. She can be so lazy and lethargic that you won’t believe the degree of her laziness. An example is when we are having sex and I have the strap-on and we’re doing doggie style, she’d just lie facing down instead of on her knees and elbows. Yes, down and flat like a dead fish. How do I start, you ask. Well, she’d just raise her butt a little - even so, she'd do it as if it required her greatest effort - so that we can fuck. Yes, that’s how torpid she can be. And she’d be lying still, so still and so motionless that sometimes it feels as if I were having sex with someone who’s actually asleep, except that she really wasn’t in this case, because I can’t imagine anyone being able to sleep while engaging in some mind-blowing sex. Another tell-tale: with her face lying on her side, I could always see, from where I was behind her, a lazy grin on her lips when I glided in and out of her. Even though her eyes would be closed all the time, again giving you the impression that she’s sleeping, I know she’s enjoying it as much as I do; that's what really matters. But, sometimes I do wonder... what if one day, I just lie there and let her do all the work.


cogi_yoshi said...

ahahaha...yeah..not for the innocent eyes...LOL... Is this still IshiYoshi? cos in the first akai nikkichou... it's IshiYoshi...(i guess LOL) and if it is then... Rika's the lazy one? nyahahha...can't think about Yossi being the one who's lazy... when it comes to 'that'. She's Mr. Moonlight after all..XD

Anonymous said...


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